5 Easy Ways to a Greener Home




In celebration of Earth Day, we’re taking a look at the many ways you can go green at home. Below are five that will make a difference for our environment and lower your bills.


* Upgrade outdated appliances: 18% of a typical home’s energy bill can be attributed to appliances. Replace older models with Energy Star appliances and you’ll use 10 to 15% less energy and water.


* Monitor your temperature: Nearly half of a home’s energy usage goes toward heating and cooling. To cut consumption, keep filters clean, consider a new/more efficient furnace, use ceiling fans, and adjust thermostats while you’re away.


* Save Water: Put an aerator on faucets and install low-flow toilets to cut water consumption by half.


* Buy greener cleaners: There’s an abundance of green cleaning products these days, so there’s no need to clean with products that are toxic to the environment.


* Switch out bulbs: The upfront cost is higher, but replacing light bulbs with more efficient models will save you money. CFL bulbs use 66% less energy and last 10 times longer than standard bulbs.


Happy Earth Day everyone!

Exquisite Earth-Friendly Homes

Happy Earth Day! There are countless ways to “go green” in support of this worldwide holiday, but some of the most effective ways to support Mother Earth result from making changes at home. We recently outlined a variety of things you can do in your home to go green, from changing lightbulbs to upgrading appliances, all of which you can find by clicking here.


Today, we wanted to bring you a little bit of a different spin on things. If you want to go green and you’re in the market for a new home, we’ve go the perfect solution for you. Below are seven homes, currently for sale, that are all Energy Star Certified!


When you buy one of these homes, you can be sure that you’ll feel good about your decision knowing that your home is one of the most earth-friendly on the block. They have a range of energy efficient and green features, like solar panels, energy efficient windows, low flow toilets, and more. And who knew being green could look so fabulous?

Exquisite Earth-Friendly HomesExquisite Earth-Friendly Homes^301 Creekside Drive, McKinney

Exquisite Earth-Friendly HomesExquisite Earth-Friendly Homes^905 Tranquility Drive, Fairview

Exquisite Earth-Friendly HomesExquisite Earth-Friendly Homes^6675 Mediterranean Drive #3406, McKinney

Exquisite Earth-Friendly HomesExquisite Earth-Friendly Homes^6910 La Vista, Dallas

Exquisite Earth-Friendly HomesExquisite Earth-Friendly Homes^3691 San Gabriel, Frisco

Exquisite Earth-Friendly HomesExquisite Earth-Friendly Homes^4915 Mill Run Road, Dallas

Exquisite Earth-Friendly HomesExquisite Earth-Friendly Homes^ 7041 Bealteau Lane, Dallas

 To see all the homes on the market that are Energy Star Certified, click here!