How-To: Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Looking New

How-To: Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Looking New

Though outdoor furniture is meant to be just that, outdoor, it’s still susceptible to aging because of all the elements to which it gets exposed. Since it’s the time of year get outside and enjoy the weather, it’s also time you get your outdoor furniture back to a presentable state.


Here are some tips on how to get your pieces in shape before all the pool parties, backyard barbecues, and warm weather festivities begin:


Cushion Care: If your dirty cushions are removable, simple throw them in the wash to brighten them back up. If they’re not, start by dusting off the surface, then use a sponge or brush to apply a cleaning solution (1/4 cup mild detergent diluted in 1 gallon of water). After, rinse thoroughly and let air dry.


Washing Wicker: Use the same cleaning solution mentioned above to wipe down your wicker with a cloth. You can get the more stubborn grime off with a bristle brush and a little more elbow grease. If your wicker is drying out and starting to show splits, wait for a windy day, sprits the affected areas with a garden hose, and allow to dry in a shady area.


Touching Up Teak: Ramp up the above cleaning solution to a one-to-one ratio for cleaning teak, since it’s even more susceptible to mildew. A good scrub down once a year with a bristle brush should do the trick.


Mending Metal: Most metal furniture will be extremely durable thanks to the protecting coating that it’s typically covered in. If you see the varnish bubbling, rusting, or wearing away, though, use sandpaper to remove the damaged area and then apply new paint or varnish to it. To keep metal furnishings tip-top, give them a wipe down whenever you notice bird droppings or thick spills.


Photo: 8545 Midway Road, Dallas