Fresh Take On The Garden

When it stops raining in Dallas-Fort Worth – and it will – many area homeowners’ thoughts will turn to their gardens.


Gardens promote both healthy and sustainable living. Whether growing fresh produce or rare flowers, if you’re the type who enjoys getting your hands a little dirty in the backyard, our friends at Luxury Portfolio International have put together a few essentials for your gardening pleasure.


Fresh Take On The Garden

Parrot Flower Power

Catering to the “Eco-Geek” movement, the Parrot Flower Power monitors the needs of your plants, so you don’t have to. Place the standalone sensor in the pot or in the ground and connect to your smartphone via BlueTooth to keep track of the fertilizer, temperature, sunlight and moisture.



Fresh Take On The Garden

Torremato Outbox

One of the many rewards of the garden is the aesthetics, and with Torremato Outbox lighting you can admire your work night and day. A decidedly modern, cube shape, these stylish lights complement the visual appeal of the garden by combining form and function.


Fresh Take On The Garden

Japanese Hand-Forged Garden Clippers

Hand-forged with a spring-loaded handle and leather sheath, these Garden Clippers from Kaufmann Mercantile may sound like something out of the Wild West, but the Japanese-made tool will give you complete control to preside over your garden and slice through those stems and branches like butter.



Fresh Take On The Garden

Hartley Botanic Greenhouse

For ideal growing conditions, the Victorian Manor Greenhouse from Hartley Botanic allows you to create your very own gardening paradise. The spacious structure has ample room, so you can get creative and grow anything from vibrant tiger lilies to hardy hibiscus.


Fresh Take On The Garden

French Glass Garden Cloche

On a much smaller scale, the French Glass Garden Cloche from One Kings Lane will similarly protect your plants from the harmful effects of the elements. With this hand-blown antique you can add a vintage touch to your modern garden and keep your plants thriving.



Fresh Take On The Garden

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

Of course, the most important part is the finished product, and if you don’t want to put just anything in the ground, check out the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Collections. You’ll find seeds for all climates and garden types that are non-hybrid, non-GMO and non-treated to yield only the healthiest of produce.


Fresh Take On The Garden

Frederik Roije Chicken Coop

If you haven’t heard, raising chickens, from urban to suburban, has become “all the rage” and if you want your own farm-fresh eggs, the Breed Retreat, designed by Frederik Roijé, is cool enough for even the funkiest chickens. How often do you come across a hen house with this kind of feng shui?


Alas, with drier weather in next week’s Dallas-Fort Worth forecast it will soon be time to get to out there and put your green thumb to the test, and we hope with this list you can take your garden to the next level.

Tips & Tricks: Your Best Garden

Tips & Tricks: Your Best Garden

Gardening can feel like one of those unattainable dreams. The idea of a beautiful garden is so nice, but when it comes to actually doing it, who has the time? Well, we’re hoping we can help you finally make your gardening dreams come true this year. We’ve searched around to find some of the best tips and tricks to making this year’s garden your best yet! From the easiest plants to grow to keeping those pesky misquotes away, check out what we found below.


Online Smart Garden: This website plans your garden for you. You tell it where you live and it tells you what to plant and when. It will even help you lay out your garden and give you daily to-do reminders.


17 DIY Garden Ideas: From unique planters to fire pits, this website’s got ideas to keep you busy beautifying your garden all spring.


13 Low-Maintenance Perennials: Discover easy-care perennials that don’t need frequent attention to look their best.


Creeping Thyme: This plant has special mosquito-repelling powers thanks to it’s citronella oil that makes it smell lemony.


How to Grow Fruit Trees in Containers: Follow this link for instructions on how to grow a fruit tree of your very own and, even better, in a container!


Grow a Garden for $100: These inexpensive and creative garden ideas are helpful for anyone starting a new garden on a small budget.


How to Start a Vegetable Garden: This website is perfect for newbie vegetable gardeners. It will even tell you the best plants for beginners.


17 Easy-to-Start Seeds: Check out the easiest seeds to grow if you’re a first-time gardener, edibles and flowers included.


13 Tips for Growing Beautiful Roses: Get the low-down on how to grow some perfect roses this year.


DIY Hanging Tomato Planters: This is a great project for those with a small garden, or even no garden at all, who want to grow their own tomatoes.