Restaurant News You Need to Know

LYFE Kitchen

Have you noticed that a lot of highly specialized restaurants have started popping up all over Dallas? If you like gluten-free, paleo, vegetarian, or restaurants that focus on meat, your possibilities are endless in D-FW. Take a look at this guide to make sure you get the food that meets your needs.


LYFE Kitchen, a gluten-free restaurant that promotes sustainability and wants you to “Love Your Food Everyday” will open a Plano location and two other North Texas locations this summer.


Did you know there’s such a thing as healthy fast food? Start, “real fast food,” serves clean, from-scratch food with environmentally-friendly packaging that you can eat on the go. They use local and organic ingredients to make sure that your healthy food is also tasty food. You’ll find them on Greenville Ave. in Dallas.


Greenville Ave. has become a hotspot for concepts like this. Down the way from Start is HG Sply Co., a hunter/gather restaurant that lends its skills to the paleo diet. They use only food that comes from wildlife and natural farming in order to fill you with “food your body was built to eat.”


Again on Greenville Ave. is The Blind Butcher, a “beer and meat mecca.” They do great beer, cured meats, and “assorted green things.” If you’re looking to get your meat on, look no further.


Add one more to the count for Greenville Ave, and one for Katy Trail. Both Company Cafe locations are serving up a natural, organic, fresh food menu that has many gluten-free options as well as meats that are grass-fed.


The menu at Kozy on Mckinney Ave. is almost entirely gluten-free, and offers comfort foods and bakery items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here it’s also about grass-fed meat, wild-caught seafood, and organic and locally grown produce.


Have any other recommendations for specialty restaurants in D-FW? Comment below and let us know!


Photo via LYFE Kitchen