13 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re selling now, planning to sell in the future or just want peace of mind, there are always steps you can take to increase the value of your home.


Following is a list of items that will attract buyers and make the place you call home even more special.


1. Home Office

The growth of technology has made it possible for people to work from their homes more often. By updating your current home office or designating a space to create one, you show your home’s full potential.

4428 Greenbriar Drive | Dallas | $1,798,000


2. Master Suite

A master bedroom with its own bathroom is an expected amenity. If you don’t have one, try to find the budget (and space) to create one, focusing on amplifying storage space.

2630 Misty Meadow Drive | Propser – Gentle Creek | $829,000


3. Family Room

Everyone needs a comfortable, open space to fill with family and friends. Make sure your room looks and feels inviting, and filled with plenty of natural light. Also, a fireplace is always a plus.

1095 Arches Park Drive | Allen – Waterford Parks | $464,900


4. Kitchen

The kitchen can either make or break your home. Staying reasonable with materials and design will almost always guarantee your money back on a remodel.

7337 Blairview Drive | Dallas | $529,500


5. Bathroom

Have you ever heard of a home having too many bathrooms? How about too few? If your home has fewer bathrooms than bedrooms, it’s time to think about adding another full or half-bath. Additionally, if your current bathroom has seen better days, consider an update that’s simple and clean.

829 Melba Street | Dallas | $389,900


6. Windows

Did you know, on average, 30 percent of your home’s energy is lost through its windows? If your windows are in bad shape or you’re looking to impress buyers, upgrading to energy-efficient windows will not only save time and money for you, but also for your buyer.

3804 Villanova Street | University Park | $2,675,000


7. Basement/Subterranean Level

Though it’s not the most common feature in D-FW, a subterranean level can add major value to your home. If the ceilings aren’t too low, a subterranean level is an ideal space for an office, playroom or media room.

4626 Dorset Road | Dallas – Strait Lane Estates | $6,500,000


8. Deck

These days, outdoor space is a premium. On average, the edition of a deck provides a 76 percent return on investment. Typically, they’re not too expensive to build and create an entirely new living space.

4600 Stanford Avenue | Dallas – Briarwood | $850,000


9. Landscaping

An overgrown and poorly maintained yard isn’t appealing to anyone. Liven it up with some color, height and possibly a designated seating and/or entertaining area.

6739 Lupton Drive | Dallas – Preston Hollow | $2,575,000


10. Paint

A few coats of paint is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update your home. If you’re selling, keep things light and neutral so that buyers can easily imagine their things in your space.

4415 Woodfin Drive | Dallas – Rockbrook Estates | $1,625,000


11. Flexibility

Your house is yours to make your own. If you think you may sell in the future, try not to over customize. Buyers need to be able to see themselves and their things working in your home, so try not to pigeonhole your spaces.

5192 Havasu Drive | Frisco | $469,000


13. Exterior

1443555734_454078-5009-spanish-oaks-dr-frisco-tx-High-Res-2.jpgThough we’ve been told to do otherwise, people do judge homes based on curb appeal and first impressions. Put the best foot forward by sprucing up your home’s landscaping, exterior paint, siding, and garage doors.

5009 Spanish Oaks | Frisco – Starwood | $2,798,000





Feature We Love: Front Porches

Feature We Love: Front Porches

It’s safe to say most people grew up with a front porch. Traditionally, they’re associated with a simpler time — when neighbors brought over baked goods, waved to each other from across the way or just hung out and conversed while the sun went down. Regardless, there’s always some emotion brewing when it comes to that classic front space.

The front porch also provides a great opportunity to improve your curb appeal. Because, whether you’re selling or not, it’s always a good idea to make sure your home is giving off the best impression.

Below are a few front porches that have us wishing for a breezy morning (or evening), a hot cup of coffee and a fresh newspaper.

Feature We Love: Front Porches
3441 University Boulevard | Dallas — University Park | $1,450,000

Feature We Love: Front Porches
11481 County Road 132 | Celina | $1,150,000

Feature We Love: Front Porches
1113 N Canterbury Court | Dallas — Kessler Park (North Oak Cliff) | $799,000

Feature We Love: Front Porches
505 W Hunt Street | McKinney | $569,900

Feature We Love: Front Porches
5610 Richard Avenue | Dallas — Vickery Place Conservation District | $419,500

Feature We Love: Front Porches
1220 E Seeton Road | Grand Prairie | $350,000

Feature We Love: Front Porches
11 Admiral Way | Pottsboro — Harbor Village | $315,000

Feature We Love: Front Porches
917 King George Lane | Savannah — Continental Congress Village | $215,000


10 Tips for Picking a Paint Color

10 Tips for Picking a Paint Color

If you’ve ever had to pick a paint color, you know one thing to be true- the options are endless. Choosing the right paint color can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these 10 tips and take on the paint aisle with confidence!


1. Bring in Inspiration: Take along an existing pillow, piece of fabric, or photo of your space. This will help you make more informed decisions.


2. The Right Light: Make sure to view your paint or paint chips in natural light to ensure you’re seeing the color correctly. Paint looks different under artificial light, so try holding the chip near a window or painting a sample on your wall first.


3. Take Home Testers: All the major paint retailers now sell paint in small, tester sizes. These are perfect to take home and try out before committing to a full gallon of paint. The small amount will provide you with enough paint to give you an idea of what it would really be like to live with the color.


4. Try Multiple Shades: If you’re having trouble choosing, buy multiple testers and paint side-by-side squares on your walls. Live with them for a few days so you get the chance to see how the colors look morning, noon, and night. Make sure to mark them with identifiers so you’ll remember which one you liked best.


5. Choose Your Drama: Take a look at the color wheel for inspiration. Colors close together will make a room calm while those farther apart add drama.


6. Do What You Love: Start with a color you love, even if it’s not popular at the moment. Doing this will assure you’ll love the color for years to come. Just remember, your favorite color comes in a range of hues.


7. Lighten Up: If you’re afraid a hue may be too dark, ask the mixer to do a 50% tint of the color to lighten it up. Custom colors can also give a room a designer look, but make sure to jot down the specifics of your color for future touch ups.


8. Room to Room: If you have rooms that are open to one another, avoid choosing radically different colors, which will make the spaces feel chopped up and small.


9. Go Bold: Small rooms that are visited more rarely, like a library or half-bath, can be done in stronger colors that make a statement.


10. Spraying vs. Rolling: Rolling may be the most popular choice, but it’s also the most time consuming and requires touch ups more often. On the other hand, spraying results in a more high-end, professional look that also cuts painting time in half. You can rent high volume, low pressure sprayers at most home improvement stores. With both options make sure you properly cover the areas you don’t want painted.

Feature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

From traditional to contemporary, we’re big fans of beds with personality. Your bedroom, like the rest of your home, is an expression of you, so why be boring? Add some color, fun pillows, and/or plush comforters to make your bed a special place to lay your head at the end of each day.


Need some inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Check out the beautiful, bold beds we found in our DFW listings.

Feature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^7205 Vanguard Court, ColleyvilleFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^2714 Wolf Creek Drive, LucasFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^8408 Burgundy Court, McKinneyFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^1817 Broken Bend Drive, WestlakeFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^1817 Broken Bend Drive, WestlakeFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^1817 Broken Bend Drive, WestlakeFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^7301 Trianon Court, ColleyvilleFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^7301 Trianon Court, ColleyvilleFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^6738 Avalon Ave., DallasFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds

^1800 Van Landingham Drive, McKinneyFeature We Love: Beautiful, Bold Beds^4624 Firestone Drive, Frisco

Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

CM Spruce Up Spring lg

After spring cleaning is done, many people get the itch to change things up. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing and the time is right to implement a fresh, new look in your home. There are a lot of ways to go about this, but we have found that the simplest changes can make the biggest impact without costing a fortune. Here are our favorite ideas for breathing new life into your home this season.


Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

1. Pillows: Decorative pillows on couches, chairs, or beds add pops of color, texture, and layered interest. Try purchasing pillows that allow you to change their covers throughout the year. (Featured property: 4005 Rosa Road, Dallas)


Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

2. Accessories: If you’re someone who likes decorative details, change them out. Spray paint some ordinary bookends for a pop of color, pick up some fun new coasters, or switch up the books you have on display. Simply exchanging items between rooms can have a big impact visually. (Featured property: 2615 Brookside Court, McKinney)


 Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

3. Art and photos: Switch out old photos, paint or buy new pictures frames, rearrange art from one room to the other- all of this will enliven your home. (Featured property: 10106 Caribou Trail, Dallas)


Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

4. Plants: Bring new plants into the house and change up the ones outside. A small pot of basil in the kitchen or new planters on the front porch add color and interest. (Featured Property: 4708 Crooked Lane, Dallas)


Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

5. Outdoor: Freshen up your front door mat, address numbers, patio cushions, or add a floral wreath to the front door. All of these will brighten your curb appeal and make coming home feel like a new experience. (Featured property: 211 Rio Grande Drive, Irving)


Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

6. Paint: If you want to stick to a budget, keep it simple. Paint the front door a bright color, put some chalkboard paint on a small section of one wall, spray paint a lamp or a few bar stools. Paint is a moderately cheap way to update that can be changed with your mood. (Featured property: 4161 Shady Valley Drive, Arlington)

Interior Lighting: How To Do It Right

Did you know that lighting is one of the most important elements in your home? We’ve talked about the importance of natural light, but interior light is just as important. When natural light isn’t available, due to lack of windows or time of day, the mood and brightness of your home is dictated by interior lighting. Additionally, light fixtures are a large part of design and personal style. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your lighting:


1. Diversify: Use multiple sources for light so that the ambiance just right. Think about a mix of recessed ceiling lights, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, and under mounted lighting solutions. A combination will throw light in different directions and create more generalized glow.


2. Focal Points: Use task lighting and directed light to highlight art, plants, dining tables, and unique decor.


3. Dimmers: Consider installing dimmers in entertaining spaces like dining rooms, media rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Being able to set the mood for a meal, movie, or cozy night by the fire makes a high difference.


4. Read the Room: Different rooms call for different lighting heights, sizes, and illuminations. For example, overhead lighting makes more sense in a kitchen than is does in a bedroom. Smaller lamps, sconces, and delicate chandeliers are better suited in bedrooms and bathrooms than large living spaces.


5. Which Watt?: Always follow the instructions on your light fixture for maximum wattage, but don’t be afraid to take it down a notch. If the light fixture is more for decor than actual illumination, consider using low-wattage bulbs, which use less energy. Typical wattages range from 40 (for reading) and 80 (for putting on make up), but this wattage can be achieved with multiple fixtures.


6. Decor: The fixtures you choose have an impact on your space visually as well. Make sure to keep the overall look and feel of the room in mind when selecting fixtures, but don’t be afraid to go bold. A statement floor lamp or chandelier is the perfect way to pack a big punch of style with just one piece of decor.


DFW homeowners clearly know the importance of interior lighting, just look at great examples found in our homes for sale. From modern to victorian and floor lamps to recessed lighting, there’s a lighting solution that will “brighten” your home and mood in just the right way.

Interior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^6838 Stefani Drive, DallasInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^9427 Monteleon Court, Dallas (For Lease)Interior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^1412 Teaberry Court, PlanoInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^12744 Hawktree Road, FriscoInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^2411 Laguna Lane, ArlingtonInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^6316 Caroline Drive, FriscoInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^12744 Hawktree Road, FriscoInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^1412 Teaberry Court, PlanoInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^1823 Canyon Court, AllenInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^5055 Addison Circle #204, AddisonInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right

^8000 Choctaw Lane, McKinneyInterior Lighting: How To Do It Right^7022 Pasadena Ave., Dallas

Images via Ebby.com & Shoot2Sell

10 Tubs We Love

Every day is the perfect day to go home, relax, and take a hot bath. The best part is, these days your bath tub choices are pretty much endless. From jetted to standalone to deep soaker tubs, there is no bad way to wash the stress away.


Take a look at how bathrooms across DFW are stepping up their game in the bath tub department.

10 Tubs We Love

^48 Oak Hill Circle, Brownwood10 Tubs We Love

^3141 Brookhollow Circle, Prosper10 Tubs We Love

^4915 Cherokee Trail, Dallas10 Tubs We Love

^732 Lexington Ave., Coppell10 Tubs We Love

^12317 Montego Plaza, Dallas10 Tubs We Love

^6205 Del Norte Lane, Dallas10 Tubs We Love

^610 Madison St., Coppell10 Tubs We Love

^1326 Sandy Creek Drive, Allen10 Tubs We Love

^1315 Sunset Ridge Circle, Cedar Hill10 Tubs We Love^4021 Winsor Drive, Farmers Branch


Images via Ebby.com & Shoot2Sell

Love Where You Live: Entry

We’re only two short days away from Valentine’s Day! If this Love Where You Live feature doesn’t get your heart pumping, we’re not sure what will. Today, let’s talk about your home’s entry. It’s the first impression that guests get when they step inside, and it sets the the tone for look and feel of the rooms that lie beyond it. An entry doesn’t have to be dramatic, but it should be warm and welcoming.

Love Where You Live: Entry

The entry we chose comes to use from the listing at 12541 Renoir Lane in Dallas. It does have a little flare for the dramatic, but we think it’s just the right amount. The staircase seems to be pulled like clay right out of the ceiling. It has a lovely, slow curve that perfectly accentuates the gorgeous chandelier that hangs at its center. The colors and materials used in the space and the open feeling that draws you into the home all add instant charm and an inviting feeling. We love the plantation shutters flanking the wood and etched glass front door, the thick crown molding, the rich hardwoods, and the fine ironwork.


Of course, this entry is just the beginning of a wonderful 5-bedrooms, 5 1/2-bath, 6,414 sq. ft. home. The home features three stories with elevator access from the basement with a wine cellar, to the kitchen, to the bedrooms upstairs. If we could see this one in person, we know we would be wowed! Lucky for us, and for you, there’s an open house this Sunday, Feb. 15, from 1 to 3 p.m. If you can’t stop by, you should still take the digital tour, here.


For more elegant entries, click here.


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Love Where You Live: Breakfast Area

Happy Saturday! Today’s feature is one of our favorites because it represents great memories with great people over great food. The breakfast area is the perfect informal space to get together before the work/school day begins and it’s an ideal spot for eggs and bacon on a Saturday morning.

Love Where You Live: Breakfast Area

This breakfast room comes to you from a beautiful home at 732 Lexington Ave. in Coppell. We love the bright colors, eclectic decor and designer touches. It is such a happy space, plus it’s open to the gorgeous kitchen. Whether you household is small or large, it’s always important to have a place to gather around and be together, even if it’s just for a quick meal at the breakfast table.


On the whole, this listing is a four-bedroom, four-bath, and three half-bath home with 6,442 sq. ft. of living space. The home boasts indoor-outdoor living areas, hardwood flooring, high ceilings, a pool and spa, a three-car garage…the list could go on and on, so you should really just take the tour, here, for yourself! You’ll be glad you did when you see how much this home has to offer.


For more breakfast areas, click here.


Previous posts from the Love Where You Live series:  Day 1- Master Bathroom, Day 2- Living Room, Day 3- Dining Room, Day 4- Outdoor Space, Day 5- Master Bedroom


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Love Where You Live: Dining Room

You can feel the love that went into designing the dining room at 2626 Marvin Ave. in Dallas. We have no doubt that this space has heard its share of laughs and been the setting of many meals among family and friends.


Love Where You Live: Dining Room


The reason we chose to feature this particular dining room as part of our Love Where You live series of tri-fold- it’s beautiful, it’s functional, and it’s perfectly situated between the home’s kitchen and living room.


Let’s start with why it’s beautiful. We love the combination of feminine and masculine and the juxtaposition of rustic and chic used in furnishing this space. From the raw metal chairs and the pink and white upholstery to the wood and metal table and the delicate glass orb chandelier, this decor hits all the right marks.


Functionality and position work hand in hand here. Easy access to the kitchen and living room mean this dining room is at the heart of it all. It’s a part of the action and definitely plays a part in the homeowner’s daily routine, making it an ideal spot for congregating with loved ones. If time with family and friends around good food and drink is something you value, this dining room is ready to meet all of your needs.


Today’s room is part of a two-bedroom, 1-bath home with an open floor plan, hardwood flooring, granite kitchen countertops and a large sunroom. This home also offers an ideal location for those seeking convenience to some of Dallas’ most thriving areas- downtown, the Bishop Arts District, and Trinity Groves.


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Previous posts from the Love Where You Live series:  Day 1- Master bathroom, Day 2- Living room


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