Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

If you’re an avid reader of our blog you know that first impressions are of major importance when selling or buying a home. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of ways to get the best bang for your buck, whether you’re selling your home now or trying to increase the future value of a home you’ve purchased.

Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Landscaping: Create a fresh look with green landscaping, pops of color, and new mulch. Try to add levels of height if you have the space, this gives a very manicured look.


Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Outdoor Lighting: Go big or go home. Illuminating your house is one of the most inviting things you can do, so install large-scale exterior lights to dress up the front door. Lights should be sized to reflect the scale of the front of your home, not just the space around the door.


Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Kitchen Cabinets: If you have old cabinetry consider refacing or repainting, a choice that will depend on just how weathered your cabinets are. This update will completely change the look and feel of your kitchen.



Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Kitchen Appliances: If you’re willing to update your dated, dingy appliances, invest in replacements that match in color. It’s off-putting for a buyer to see a white stove, a black microwave, and a stainless refrigerator all in the same space.


Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Bathroom: Say goodbye to pink toilets, blue bathtubs, and green tile. The best thing you can do for the value of your home is to bring all the fixtures up to date. Hint: White is almost always a safe bet in the bathroom. It’s easily cleaned and gives the illusion of more space.


Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Expose Hardwoods: Is there hardwood flooring under your carpet? Pull it up, refinished it, and your realtor will love you forever. Hardwoods sell. And when we say hardwoods, we mean it. Laminate floors aren’t fooling anyone, so don’t spend money just to fake-out buyers.


Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Clean, Clean, Clean: If it’s dirty, clean it. If it’s broken, fix it. If it’s crammed, box it. Buyers are looking for loose knobs, dirty carpets, and crammed closets, so give them a reason to be pleasantly surprised.


Getting the Best Bang for Your Buck

Painting: We’ve already filled you in on the best tips, but let us add some more. If you’re planning to stay in your house, feel free to jazz up the walls with a splash of color, but be mindful that you should bring back the neutrals when it’s time to sell. If you’re going to wallpaper, keep the same tip in mind. While it may seem like a quick fix to you, not much turns a buyer off more than a full on red bedroom or dated floral wallpaper.


Home photos via & Shoot2Sell: 3515 Hickory Grove Lane, Frisco (Landscaping); 2171 Hogan Drive, Irving (Outdoor Lighting): 5995 Beacon Hill Drive, Frisco (Kitchen Cabinetry); 7017 Yamini Drive, Dallas (Kitchen Appliances); 12744 High Meadow Drive, Dallas (Bathroom); 7731 Rolling Acres Drive, Dallas (Expose Hardwoods); 732 Lexington Ave., Coppell (Clean, Clean, Clean); 509 Prescott Drive, Garland (Painting)



7 Organizing Mistakes You Should Avoid

7 Organizing Mistakes You Should Avoid

There are thousands of organizational tips and tricks scattered around the internet today. So, how do you know which of these to follow for the long-term and which are just quick fixes that you’ll end up regretting later? Read our blog, of course. Today, we’re shining light on 7 organizing mistakes to avoid in your home.


1. Plastic Drawers: You know exactly what we’re talking about because you can buy these just about anywhere. They may work for your dorm room, but all these really do is collect junk in a piece of disposable furniture. Take the time to clean them out, dispose of all the extras, and find a permanent place elsewhere for whatever you must keep.


2. Shelves with boxes: This piece of furniture has become popular recently- the one that is perfect cut to fit boxes that hold small items. Again, take a look at your things before you buy boxes to store them in. If it can fit in a box that small, chances are it’s not necessary.


3. Solid Plastic Tubs: It may seem smart to put seasonal items away in tubs that visually hide their contents, but in the end it can waste time. Buy clear plastic tubs so that you can easily identify what’s inside instead of spending the time to open each one.


4. Cleaning Supplies: This tip is especially geared towards those living in multi-storied homes. Don’t keep all your cleaning supplies in one place. Instead, store the heavy-duty cleaners together and divvy up the wipes, disinfectant sprays, etc. in bathrooms and the kitchen where they can be easily accessed for quick cleaning.


5. Static Shelves: Installing immovable shelves or trays in your bathroom or kitchen cabinets is a thing of the past. Treat yourself to sliding ones, which make accessing pots and pans, small appliances, and toiletries so much easier.


6. Covering with Curtains: We all know deep down that it’s a temporary fix to cover cluttered shelves, rooms, or open storage with tacked-up curtains. Weed out the clutter you don’t need and, if necessary, add permanent doors or storage to whatever you’re hiding.


7. Wall Hooks: These are fabulous as a quick place to throw a wet coat or extra scarf, but wall hooks become a problem when they get weighted down by too many items for too long. Having fewer hooks, which will force you to put away excess items, will keep you from leaving your winter scarf hanging out into the summer.

Feature We Love: Front Porch

CM Front Porch lg2

It’s no secret that we’re big advocates of curb appeal. Helping your home make the best first impression is always a good idea, whether you’re selling or not. While there are many ways to improve your curb appeal, one feature that always translates well is a front porch.


We’d say the odds are pretty good that most people either grew up with a front porch, watched families gather on them in TV shows, or just like the way they look architecturally. Whatever the reason, the emotion attached to front porches is inherently good. Traditionally, they’re also associated with a simpler time, when homes all existed on streets where neighbors brought over cookies and waved to each other while driving down the street.


Check out eight front porches that have us wishing for a breezy morning, a hot cup of coffee, and a fresh newspaper.

Feature We Love: Front Porch^5007 Victor St., Dallas


Feature We Love: Front Porch^3339 Duchess Trail, Dallas


Feature We Love: Front Porch^11120 FM 678, Whitesboro


Feature We Love: Front Porch^2208 Huntington Lane, Fort Worth


Feature We Love: Front Porch^23159 Hwy. 78, Trenton


Feature We Love: Front Porch^5 Briarwood Circle, Richardson


Feature We Love: Front Porch^5243 Goodwin Ave., Dallas

^1936 Chatburn Court, Fort Worth

Photos via & Shoot2Sell

Room Re-do: Colorful Outdoor Oasis


An outdoor room is the perfect place to spend summers grilling out with friends or having your morning coffee. If we could have an outdoor room we imagine it might look something like the space at 6967 Seabreeze Drive in Grand Prairie. It’s colorful, well designed, and looks like the perfect place to lay back and day dream. If you’re a fan too, check out the links below to recreate this look at your home.

Room Re-do: Colorful Outdoor Oasis1. Chair  2. Lanterns  3. Multicolor pillow  4. Striped pillow  5. Ottoman  6. Side Table  7. Planter  8. Yellow Pillow  9. Coffee Table  10. Rug  11. Sofa


Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom

While it may seem safe, it’s a bold decision to choose to decorate a space completely in neutrals. A neutral color pallet suggests cleanliness and a sense of order, which has an especially big impact in bathrooms.


While there are many merits to colorful spaces, a crisp bathroom done out in a simple color scheme feels soothing and spacious. Implementing this design technique creates a spa-like feel that will be a refreshing way to wake up for years to come.


Not convinced? Just check out the examples below.

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^9403 Thornberry Lane, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^9609 Vista Oaks Drive, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^3115 Mahanna St. #1, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^8139 San Leandro, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^6230 Prestonshire Lane, Dallas


Feature We Love: Marble

Marble has long been a durable, well-loved material. It’s sleek look and smooth lines can be used in every room around the house- entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, you name it and a surface can be covered in it. Marble comes in a wide variety of colors, and sizes range from itty bitty tiles to huge countertops.


Though granite countertops and hardwood floors have gotten their fair share of attention from homeowners and home builders, there’s no question that marble is still a favorite.  Check out where we’ve found marble popping up in our listings…

Feature We Love: Marble^2208 Huntington Lane, Fort Worth

Feature We Love: Marble^5323 Swiss Ave., Dallas

Feature We Love: Marble^4524 Westway, Highland Park

Feature We Love: Marble^1508 Nelson Drive, Irving

Feature We Love: Marble^5808 Falls Road, Dallas

Feature We Love: Marble^2208 Plantation Lane, Plano

Feature We Love: Marble^11734 El Hara Circle, Dallas

Room Re-Do: Beachy Master Retreat

On this edition of Room Re-Do we’re checking out the beautiful, beachy master bedroom at 5371 Lago Vista Lane in Frisco. It’s light and airy and the perfect place to retreat after a long day. See how you can get this serene look for yourself with the items below!

room redo 5371 Lago Vista


1. Art 2. Art 3. Art 4. Art 5. Blue lamp 6. Square pineapple pillow 7. Seagrass headboard 8. Rectangular pineapple pillow 9. Sofa 10. Dresser/Side table 11. Seagrass bench 12. Chest

Room Re-Do: Elegant Home Office

An office with well appointed furniture and accents can be one of the most beautiful rooms in a home. It elevates the home to a somewhat stately level and gives it the feeling of grandeur, especially when a fireplace and built-ins are involved.


This edition of Room Re-Do is based on the home office at the $2.45 million listing at 6230 Prestonshire Lane in Dallas. While we can’t give you the fireplace or the built-ins, we can help you on your way to having an office like this of your own using similar decor.

Room Re-Do: Elegant Home Office

1. Art   2. Chandelier   3. Box   4. Side Table   5. Desk   6. Antler   7. Desk Chair   8. Tray   9. Tufted Chair   10. Rug

11. Ottoman   12. Pillow

4 Bedrooms That Make a Statement

We’ve said it before and we’ll continue to say it, your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s your escape from whatever else is going on in your house and in your life and, because of this, it should reflect your style and be a space that you truly love. And what’s the centerpiece of this room-retreat? The bed, of course.


Today we’re showing you four beds and bedrooms that make a statement and stand for specific styles. These photos just radiate style and beautiful design, and we couldn’t be more jealous. They look like they’re straight out of interior design magazines, but no, they’re Ebby listings and they could be yours!


You can almost predict what the rest of these homes look like just by these single photo snapshots of their bedrooms. If, however, you’re curious as to what is going on in the other rooms of these homes, simply click the photos to see the full property!


5 Beds That Make a Statement

5 Beds That Make a Statement

5 Beds That Make a Statement

5 Beds That Make a Statement


University Park Room Re-Do

This edition of Room Re-do is inspired by a living room in the heart of University Park. Located at 3437 Rankin Street, this room is part of a gorgeous, two-bedroom, 2 1/2-bath, 1,237-square foot townhome. The home has 10-foot ceilings, a gas-log fireplace, hardwood flooring, plantation shutters, and a private patio. The style of this room is a classic mix of elegance and comfort. Filled with hues of brown and centered around a lovely stone fireplace, we couldn’t help but try to recreate this look! Take a look at what we found…

Room re-do 3437 Rankin



1. Media Solution 2. Throw 3. Clock 4. Fireplace Screen 5. Wooden Table 6. Recliner 7. Glass Table 8. Lanterns 9. Pillow Covers 10. Sofa 11.Rug 12. Ottoman