Beautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles

In the bedroom the key piece of furniture is, of course, the bed. So, it should come as no shock that this design decision necessitates careful consideration of all of your options. While it may be easy for some, the range of choices out there for beds and headboards can be a little overwhelming, especially when you can’t see what the bed looks like in an actual room.


In an effort to make your choice a little easier, we’ve compiled photos of some of the hottest styles from rooms that are part of homes currently on the market in DFW.
Beautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles

^Wood Slats: 1705 Quarry Lane, McKinneyBeautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles

^Solid Wood: 1812 Foxborough Trail, Flower MoundBeautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles

^Wingback: 3804 Furman Court, Fort WorthBeautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles

^Tufted: 4136 Prescott Ave., DallasBeautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles

^Upholstered and Studded with Wood Trim: 6820 Southridge Drive, DallasBeautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles

^Double Upholstered: 3508 Villanova St., University ParkBeautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles

^Wall Mounted Fabric: 2001 Misty Creek Drive, ArlingtonBeautiful Beds: 8 Defining Styles^No Headboard: 10164 Timber Trail Drive, Dallas

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends

CM What Buyers Want lg2

If you’re trying to figure out what buyers are in the market for when it comes to a new home, look no further than the list recently published by Builder Online. Nick Lehnert, executive director at an architecture and planning firm, and Mollie Carmichael, principal at a real estate consulting company, have drawn up a list of design trends that are at the top of this year’s buyers’ wish list.


Here are some of the top trends they’ve discovered for buyers in the new-home market:

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends1. Outdoor Space: Buyers are looking for private, low maintenance, outdoor space that has a high level of connectivity to the inside of the home. Likewise, because of this connectivity, many desire covered and protected spaces that flow seamlessly from the rooms inside.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends2. Super Kitchens: We always say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but this trend has now taken on a life of its own. Buyers expect the kitchen to be a center for entertaining and easy conversation that is open to the other rooms around it. Large islands with seating and pantries that hide clutter both play major roles in combining function, practicality, and style.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends3. Media Centric: More spacious media areas where buyers can make use of large screen TV’s or projectors are on the rise. In addition to more wall space, larger media rooms mean more seating and entertaining.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends4. Home Office: We’ve reached the age of the return of the home office. However, proximity to the main living area and kitchen have become more important than the previously desired location near the front of the home.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends5. Magnificent Master Baths: A soaker tub, a glass shower, and luxurious finishes continue to rank high on the list of buyers.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends6. Making an Entrance: Two-story entries and grand staircases with drama are the most ideal way to greet guests.


Read more about these home trends here.


Pictures properties: 1. 4247 Ridge Road, Dallas 2. 6831 Pemberton Drive, Dallas 3. 3808 Greenbrier Drive, Frisco 4. 6933 Vista Willow, Dallas 5. 12105 Elysian Court, Dallas 6. 17623 Cedar Creek Canyon Drive, Dallas

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Welcome Buyers with Seasonal Decor

When it’s time to sell your home, your agent will likely advise you to get organized and remove excess items around your home. This is a smart tip because when you remove the clutter and personal items it allows buyers to more easily picture how they’d live in the space.


That being said, staging your home with some tasteful seasonal decor can be very welcoming, especially during this time of year. A pumpkin on the front porch, bright flowers on the mantle, or a warm blanket on the couch is the perfect way to show how cozy your home is when the weather is chilly.


Here are a few pictures from homes on the market to get you inspired:

Welcome Buyers with Seasonal Decor^7 Parliament Place, Dallas

Welcome Buyers with Seasonal Decor^9620 Colquitt Road, Terrell

Welcome Buyers with Seasonal Decor^6012 Winton St., Dallas

Welcome Buyers with Seasonal Decor^1525 Bellnap Drive, Allen

Welcome Buyers with Seasonal Decor^9734 Windledge Drive, Dallas

Welcome Buyers with Seasonal Decor^6855 Gaston Ave., Dallas

Welcome Buyers with Seasonal Decor^2009 Wellinton Drive, Mansfield


Feature We Love: Statement Staircase

We can’t help but love a staircase that makes a statement. As one of your homes largest design elements, why not add a little drama and make it something to admire? Just because stairs are functional doesn’t mean they can’t also be beautiful.


Check out these homes on the market that definitely agree with us.

Feature We Love: Statement Staircase^17623 Cedar Creek Canyon Drive, Dallas

Feature We Love: Statement Staircase^6230 Prestonshire Lane, Dallas

Feature We Love: Statement Staircase^12541 Renoir Lane, Dallas

Feature We Love: Statement Staircase^9 Rue du Lac St., Dallas

Feature We Love: Statement Staircase^12105 Elysian Court, Dallas

Feature We Love: Statement Staircase^17316 Club Hill Lane, Dallas

Photos via and Shoot2Sell

Special Function Rooms Make a Comeback

Special Function Rooms Make a Comeback

According to the most recent AIA Home Design Trends Survey published by the American Institute of Architects, special function rooms are back in demand! This survey covers activity during the second quarter of 2014 and the results show a resurgence of interest and investment in these types of rooms.


Specifically, the survey revealed that outdoor living rooms, home offices, mud rooms, and au pair/in-law suites, all considered to be “special function rooms,” are all on the rise. Media rooms and home theaters seem to be experiencing a general decline, but still hold strong in some markets. Even if you’re not a fan of rooms like these, the upward trend shows a renewed confidence in homebuilding and the housing market.


“Special function rooms, which often disappeared from homes during the downturn in an effort to manage housing costs and add flexibility to how households used their homes, are now reappearing,” the article reports. “This resurgence of interest in home design has helped revive business conditions at residential architecture firms nationally.”


Sounds like great news to us. Don’t forget, you can search any time for the rooms you desire most using our keyword and advanced search!


Pictured property: 6797 Reims Court, Frisco

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace

Luxury homes typically have two things, chef-worthy kitchens and spa-like bathrooms. On this edition of Feature We Love we’re talking about the latter. Many amenities can make a bathroom feel luxurious, but a fireplace takes things to another level.


Just imagine a warm, beautiful fire in your bathroom as you relax in the tub or get ready for the day. In most cases, as you’ll see in the available properties below, this feature comes in the form of a see-through or double fireplace that is shared with the adjoining bedroom, making it that much more grand.

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^4305 Livingston Ave., Highland Park

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^3508 Villanova St., University Park

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^10 Windsor Ridge, Frisco

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^6838 Velasco Ave., Dallas

Feature We Love: Bathroom Fireplace^994 Craft Road, Bells


Feature We Love: Vaulted Ceiling

This edition of Feature We Love is all about ambiance and drama, because that is exactly what a vaulted ceiling adds to a room. Vaulted ceilings amplify visual space and bring a sense of style that regular ceilings simply cannot. They come in different varieties and they can be found just about anywhere in a home.


These 5 spaces, in houses that are on the market around DFW, that are all made more wonderful by a vaulted ceiling.

Feature We Love: Vaulted Ceiling^2900 Corkwood Circle, Flower Mound

Feature We Love: Vaulted Ceiling^14901 Lake Forest Drive, Addison

Feature We Love: Vaulted Ceiling^4406 Woodfin Drive, Dallas

Feature We Love: Vaulted Ceiling^7004 Peters Path, Colleyville

Feature We Love: Vaulted Ceiling^1410 Pecos Drive, Southlake


14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re selling now, planning to sell in the future, or just want peace of mind, there are always things you can do to improve the value of your home.


Check out this list of 15 items that will attract buyers and make the place you call home that much more special.

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Home Office: Technology has made it possible for more and more people to work out of their homes. By updating your home office or designating a space to a new one, you show your homes full potential.

(Pictured: 9226 Hathaway St., Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Master Suite: A master bedroom with its own bathroom has become an expected amenity these days. If you don’t have one, try to find the budget and space to create a master suite. If you do, focus on amplifying storage space.

(Pictured: 3210 Carlisle St. 51H, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Family Room: Everyone’s looking for a comfortable, open space to fill with family and friends. Make sure your room looks this way by drawing attention to windows and natural light. A fireplace is almost always a plus.

(Pictured: 9029 Broken Arrow Lane, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Kitchen: This space can make or break your home. As long as you stay reasonable with materials and design, you’re going to get your money back and then some on a kitchen remodel.

(Pictured: 6601 La Cosa Drive, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Bathroom: Have you ever heard of a home having too many bathrooms? How about too few? If your home has fewer bathrooms than bedrooms or no bathroom on the main floor, think about adding another full or half-bath. Additionally, if you have an old, dingy bathroom, consider an update that is simple and clean.

(Pictured: 5418 Deer Brook Road, Garland)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Windows: Did you know that, on average, 30% of your home’s energy is lost through its windows? If your windows are in bad shape or you’re looking to impress buyers, upgrade to energy efficient windows that will last and save the future owners money for years to come.

(Pictured: 9836 Gooding Drive, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Basement: Though it’s not the most common feature in DFW, a basement can add a major value to your home. If the ceilings aren’t too low a basement can be the ideal space for an office, playroom, media room, or spare bedroom.

(Pictured: 12541 Renoir Lane, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Deck: Outdoor space is at a premium these days. On average, the addition of a deck brings a 76% return on investment. Typically, they’re not too expensive to build and they create an entirely new living space.

(Pictured: 11120 FM 678, Whitesboro)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Landscaping: An overgrown and poorly maintained yard isn’t appealing to anyone. Liven things up with some color, height, and possibly a designated seating and/or entertaining space.

(Pictured: 3612 Villanova St., University Park)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Paint: A few coats of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your home. If you’re selling, keep things light and neutral so that buyers can easily image their things in your space.

(Pictured: 1314 Cardinal Creek Drive, Duncanville)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Flexibility: Your house is yours to make your own, but if you think you may sell in the future try not to over-customize. Again, buyers need to be able to see themselves and their things working in your home, so try not to pigeonhole your spaces.

(Pictured: 9629 Whitehurst Drive, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Blending: When adding an addition, choose materials that blend well with the existing house. Carry over design elements from the original house in order to create a flawless transition.

(Pictured: 9610 El Patio Drive, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Exterior: Though we’ve been told to do otherwise, people do judge homes based on curb appeal and first impressions. Put the best foot forward by sprucing up your home’s roof, exterior paint, siding, and garage doors.

(Pictured: 5715 Wortham Lane, Dallas)

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities

Getting ready in the morning is enough of a task without the added annoyance of constantly running into someone else in the bathroom. That’s why today’s Feature We Love is double vanities. Just a little bit of distance and a sink all to yourself can change your daily routine in a major way.


Below, check out the many ways you can design this feature in order to get some personal space.


Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^4818 Irvin Simmons, Dallas

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^5684 Montreaux Drive, Frisco

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^2171 Hogan Drive, Irving

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^9226 Hathaway Street, Dallas

Feature We Love: Dual Vanities^6820 Southridge Drive, Dallas


Feature We Love: Home Office

CM Home Office lg

Whether it’s a nook in the kitchen or a room all its own, a home office can be the perfect way to keep you organized and on top of business, even if you don’t always work from home. Check out the stylish home offices where we wouldn’t mind putting in the long hours. You may recognize some of them from today’s Want It Wednesday on Facebook.

 Feature We Love: Home Office^5808 Falls Road, Dallas

Feature We Love: Home Office^4005 Southfork Road, Southlake

Feature We Love: Home Office^7018 Old York Road, McKinney

Feature We Love: Home Office^1809 Everest Road, Keller

Feature We Love: Home Office^7044 Comal Drive, Irving

Feature We Love: Home Office^1201 Cypress Spring Trail, McKinney

Feature We Love: Home Office^9029 Broken Arrow Lane, Dallas

 Photos via & Shoot2Sell