Feature We Love: French Doors

French doors are classic, beautiful, and fill rooms with light. Is there anything not to love about them? The answer is a definite no.


The special thing about these doors is that the can be opened as a pair with no obstruction between them. Whether they’re creating seamless flow for indoor/outdoor entertaining or opening up interior rooms to one another, French doors are one of our very favorite design elements.


Check out all the lovely ways they enhance the homes below…

Feature We Love: French Doors

Feature We Love: French Doors^From the living room: 6322 Desco Drive, Dallas & 2212 Forest Creek, McKinney


Feature We Love: French Doors^From the kitchen: 6322 Desco Drive, Dallas


Feature We Love: French Doors

Feature We Love: French Doors^Interior: 7731 Rolling Acres Drive, Dallas & 7979 Fallmeadow Lane, Dallas


Feature We Love: French Doors^From the master bedroom: 5 Briarwood Circle, Richardson


Feature We Love: French Doors^From the office: 7731 Rolling Acres Drive, Dallas


Feature We Love: French Doors^ To the patio: 902 Beechwood Drive, Richardson


Room Re-Do: Glam Guest Bedroom

The Old Preston Hollow home at 5808 Falls Road is filled with gorgeous design and attention to detail, all the way through to the guest bedrooms.


On this edition of Room Re-Do we tackled this glam guest room done in hues of brown with a punch of pink and accents in gold and metallics. So many guest rooms these days lack personality and style, but not this room! It’s serene and welcoming with just the right amount of color.

Room Re-Do: Glam Guestroom1. Pendant Light 2. Headboard 3. Mirror 4. Curtains 5. Bedding 6. Lamp 7. Bedside Table

Room Re-Do: Chic Home Office

If you’re looking for a chic and stylish way to decorate your home office, look no further. The listing at 5638 Merrimac Ave. in Dallas’ M Streets neighborhood has designer touches throughout, but we’re especially enchanted by the office. Get the look for yourself by checking out these items!

Room Re-Do: Chic Home Office

1. Blue Chair 2. Clock 3. Cabinet 4. Garden Stool 5. Desk 6. Desk Chair 7. Lamp 8. Rug


Property Photo via ebby.com & Shot2Sell: 5638 Merrimac Ave., Dallas


Room Re-Do: Modern Comfort

The living room at 5214 Pershing St., a brand new listing in Dallas, displays the perfect collaboration between modern style and comfort. The neutral colors, including the beautiful gray fireplace surround, and clean lines create an airy space with a distinct designer touch.


If you love this room as much as we do, you can follow the links below to get it for yourself!

room redo 5214 pershing

1. Abstract Art 2. Silver Mirror 3. Acrylic Lamp 4. Alexander McQueen Coffe Table Book 5. Queen Elizabeth Coffee Table Book 6. Sofa 7. Arc Floor Lamp 8. Coffee Table 9. Leather Chair


 Property photo via ebby.com & Shoot2Sell

Feature We Love: Floors With Finesse

We’re amazed every day by the creativity we find in homes across D-FW. It is truly a treat to get a look into other people’s homes, styles, and design decisions. Recently, we’ve noticed an increasing number of houses with unique, fashion-forward floors. If you thought hardwoods were your only option, think again.


Feature We Love: Floors With Finesse^Hexagonal Saltillo: 9029 Broken Arrow Ln., Dallas

Feature We Love: Floors With Finesse^Intricate Marble: 2018 Old York Rd., McKinney

Feature We Love: Floors With Finesse^Patterned Hardwoods: 2212 Forest Creek, McKinney

Feature We Love: Floors With Finesse^Oversized Porcelain Tile: 6906 Edelweiss Circle, Dallas 

Feature We Love: Floors With Finesse^Pinstriped tile: 5000 FM 2862m Anna

Photos via ebby.com


Feature We Love: Front Porch

CM Front Porch lg2

It’s no secret that we’re big advocates of curb appeal. Helping your home make the best first impression is always a good idea, whether you’re selling or not. While there are many ways to improve your curb appeal, one feature that always translates well is a front porch.


We’d say the odds are pretty good that most people either grew up with a front porch, watched families gather on them in TV shows, or just like the way they look architecturally. Whatever the reason, the emotion attached to front porches is inherently good. Traditionally, they’re also associated with a simpler time, when homes all existed on streets where neighbors brought over cookies and waved to each other while driving down the street.


Check out eight front porches that have us wishing for a breezy morning, a hot cup of coffee, and a fresh newspaper.

Feature We Love: Front Porch^5007 Victor St., Dallas


Feature We Love: Front Porch^3339 Duchess Trail, Dallas


Feature We Love: Front Porch^11120 FM 678, Whitesboro


Feature We Love: Front Porch^2208 Huntington Lane, Fort Worth


Feature We Love: Front Porch^23159 Hwy. 78, Trenton


Feature We Love: Front Porch^5 Briarwood Circle, Richardson


Feature We Love: Front Porch^5243 Goodwin Ave., Dallas

^1936 Chatburn Court, Fort Worth

Photos via ebby.com & Shoot2Sell

Room Re-do: Colorful Outdoor Oasis


An outdoor room is the perfect place to spend summers grilling out with friends or having your morning coffee. If we could have an outdoor room we imagine it might look something like the space at 6967 Seabreeze Drive in Grand Prairie. It’s colorful, well designed, and looks like the perfect place to lay back and day dream. If you’re a fan too, check out the links below to recreate this look at your home.

Room Re-do: Colorful Outdoor Oasis1. Chair  2. Lanterns  3. Multicolor pillow  4. Striped pillow  5. Ottoman  6. Side Table  7. Planter  8. Yellow Pillow  9. Coffee Table  10. Rug  11. Sofa


Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom

While it may seem safe, it’s a bold decision to choose to decorate a space completely in neutrals. A neutral color pallet suggests cleanliness and a sense of order, which has an especially big impact in bathrooms.


While there are many merits to colorful spaces, a crisp bathroom done out in a simple color scheme feels soothing and spacious. Implementing this design technique creates a spa-like feel that will be a refreshing way to wake up for years to come.


Not convinced? Just check out the examples below.

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^9403 Thornberry Lane, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^9609 Vista Oaks Drive, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^3115 Mahanna St. #1, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^8139 San Leandro, Dallas

Feature We Love: Neutral Bathroom^6230 Prestonshire Lane, Dallas


Timeless Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

It’s easy to get lured into design fads and find yourself soon tired of looking at the same trendy pieces around your home. Decorating your home can be an expensive venture, but redecorating it can be even more challenging. In an effort to keep costs down and have a home that you love for many years to come, we’ve put together a list of ways to decorate that will always be on-trend. Take a look below.

Timeless Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

1. Wood Floors: There’s a reason it’s the most popular choice for flooring- it’s durable, beautiful, warm, and will always be a classic.


Timeless Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

2. Art You Love: Some say that you should never buy a piece of art unless you feel you can’t live without it. While this doesn’t apply to art that is priced on the lower-end, it does hold true for investment pieces. Find something you just can’t imagine your home without and you’ll find happiness every time you see it.


Timeless Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

3. Books: Weather their leather-bound or weathered favorites, books will always display well and add an air of sophistication to any space.


Timeless Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

4. White Paint: Is there anything like a simple, sleek coat of white paint? No matter how your other decor changes, a white wall is always the perfect backdrop.


Timeless Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

5. Multi-Functional Pieces: Just about any item that can preform double duty will stay with you for a long time. For example, instead of buying an entertainment unit, think about investing in a piece that could be useful somewhere else in the house. The size and style of TVs, computers, sound systems, etc. will always change, so don’t pigeon hole yourself when buying furniture to accommodate technology.


Timeless Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

6. Crown Molding: Crown molding is the classic finishing touch to any room. It’s stylish and dresses up your walls in an understated way. Once you’ve got it, it’s hard to imagine a room without it.


Timeless Decor that Never Goes Out of Style

7. Interchangeable small items: Think seasonal throw pillows, vases, and little items of interest that can be exchanged with one another, breathing fresh life into your rooms throughout the year.


Properties: 1. 2702 Duval, Dallas  2. 8545 Midway Road, Dallas  3. 1432 Cottonwood Valley Court, Irving  4. 5204 Briar Tree Drive, Dallas  5. 4604 Pine Valley Drive, Frisco  6. 6625 Bandera Ave. 1D, Dallas  7. 9925 Greenfield Drive, Dallas

Small Space Solutions

Small houses are charming, cozy, and ideal for all types of homeowners, but the one catch is that they are just that, small. Smaller homes can work for anyone, though, if you just know how to capitalize on the space that they do have. Here are a few solutions to help make any small home have all the space you need.


All of these rooms belong to homes that are currently on the market, so if you’re on the hunt for the perfect small home click the images below to see the full property!

Small Space Solutions

Double Duty: Find furniture that is beautiful and functional, like this ottoman that serves as seating and opens up to keep clutter out of sight.


Built-ins: Built-ins are the ultimate in small house storage. The unit above can act simultaneously as an entertainment unit and storage for toys, blankets, and seasonal decor. Plus, built-ins don’t protrude into a room so they give the illusion of more space.


Open Windows: Keeping your windows bare or dressing them with sheer linens is the best way to assure that the most light enters your space. Light naturally makes rooms feel bigger, and a view to the outdoors does the exact same. Heavy curtains halt they eye and can make spaces feel more cramped.


Small Space Solutions

Mirrors: Mirrors are the easiest and most beautiful trick when it comes to small spaces. They bounce light around rooms and their reflection effectively  doubles the visual space.


Glass Shelving: Anything glass or clear is a immediate capitalization on space. Simply allowing the eye to see through things gives the illusion of more space.


Small Space Solutions

Dedicated space: In this kitchen, a wonderful home office is carved out of a niche that may once have been a shallow pantry. It’s important to know what kind of rooms will be most utilized when making decisions like this in your home. This home office, with open upper cabinets and closed lower cabinets to hide clutter, is perfectly nestled in this kitchen.


Small Space Solutions

Keep It Horizontal: Horizontal striped rugs and walls with horizontal paint or details work to visually widen a narrow space.


Open furniture: Consider furniture that has an open construction. This allows the eye to travel through it instead of taking up visual space.


Photos via ebby.com & Shoot2Sell