6 Home Issues You Shouldn’t Ignore

6 Home Issues You Shouldn't Ignore

Cracks, stains, and dust happen, that’s just part of homeownership. Most of the time these things are minor, but sometimes small issues can be signs of larger problems. It’s important to know when your house needs a quick fix and when it can use some serious TLC. In all cases, catching these things early and calling in an expert are best. Here’s what to look out for:


Creeping Cracks: Like we said, cracks are almost inevitable, especially in older homes. However, any crack that is wider than 1/4 inch or seems to be growing regularly should be checked out. Something like this can mean a bigger problem with your home’s structure and foundation.


Attic Puddles & Stains: A few drips here and there is not always a sign of a major issue, but constant water stains or a puddle in your attic pretty much always means there’s a problem with the roof. Your roof is essentially your home’s umbrella, and an umbrella with a hole in it is really no good.


Higher Water Bills: Again, baby leaks are no big deal, but a water bill that is considerably higher than normal could mean you have a major leak. Leaks can mean flooding, mold, and a big impact on your water bills.


Electrical Sparks: Can you say fire hazard? Electrical sparks are no joke. If you’re seeing sparks or feeling shocks when plugging or unplugging things in your home, there could be something wrong with your electrical wiring.


Mud Tunnels: Tiny mud tunnels near the foundation of you house are a direct indicator of termites. If they’ve been there a while, try breaking off some of then and seeing if they come back. If so, call in the pros.


Major Dust Bunnies: If you’re constantly dusting just to turn around and see another layer of dust form in the next day or two, you could have one of two problems. Either your home’s air ducts need to be cleaned or your furnace is ready for a filter change. Keep filters updated on a regular basis to avoid this turning into a larger problem.

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist


5316 Mariners, Plano

Even though we’ll most likely see some cold temperatures back in D-FW before spring is officially here, it’s never to early to get your home ready for the next season. On today’s OTD we’re sharing with you a checklist of outdoor and indoor tasks to get your home ready for the spring, specifically for it’s characteristic windy and rainy days. By checking off this list, originally posted by Lowes, you’ll have your home freshened up and prepared for the months ahead! To see a year-round list for every season, click here.


Outdoor Tasks:

-Clean gutters and downspouts.

-Inspect roof and chimney for cracks and damage.

-Touch up peeling or damaged paint. Watch our video for ideas on troubleshooting exterior paint problems.

-Wash all windows, inside and out.

-Install screens on windows and doors.

-Clean outdoor furniture and air out cushions.

-Service your lawn mower.

-Fertilize your lawn.


Indoor Tasks:

-Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you set clocks forward.

-If your basement has a sump pump, test it by dumping a large bucket of water into the basin of the sump pump. This should activate the sump pump. If it does not switch on or if it’s not pumping water, it may need to be serviced by a professional. Also, check for and remove any debris and make sure there are no leaks.

-Wash and change seasonal bedding.

-Dust blinds and vacuum curtains throughout your house.

-Clean kitchen and bathroom cabinets and throw away outdated food, medicine and cosmetics

Photo: 5316 Mariners Drive, Plano