Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry

One of the best parts about getting to look at pictures of houses all day is picking up on new trends. One of the hottest trends we’ve noticed over the last few months is contrasting cabinet colors. Islands have stepped into the spotlight and are being treated like their own element. No longer are they beholden to the color choices made for outer kitchen cabinetry.


This mix-matching shows up most often in brown and white, but we’re loving this new design trend no matter what color scheme it comes in. It adds a dynamic interest to a kitchen and allows homeowners and designers to step out of the box with cabinetry, an area in which most tend to play it safe.


Check out a few of the kitchens in which we’ve found this trend popping up around DFW, they may just inspire a weekend DIY in your home!

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^1066 Woodford Drive, Keller

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^6940 Hickory Hill Circle, Argyle

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^7204 Ripley St., McKinney

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^10715 Dixon Branch Drive, Dallas

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^9427 Monteleon Court, Dallas

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^1315 Sunset Ridge Circle, Cedar Hill

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^7022 Pasadena Ave., Dallas

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^4060 Chimney Rock Drive, Prosper

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^6838 Stefani Drive, Dallas

Now Trending: Contrasting Cabinetry^1122 Amy Drive, Allen

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends

CM What Buyers Want lg2

If you’re trying to figure out what buyers are in the market for when it comes to a new home, look no further than the list recently published by Builder Online. Nick Lehnert, executive director at an architecture and planning firm, and Mollie Carmichael, principal at a real estate consulting company, have drawn up a list of design trends that are at the top of this year’s buyers’ wish list.


Here are some of the top trends they’ve discovered for buyers in the new-home market:

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends1. Outdoor Space: Buyers are looking for private, low maintenance, outdoor space that has a high level of connectivity to the inside of the home. Likewise, because of this connectivity, many desire covered and protected spaces that flow seamlessly from the rooms inside.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends2. Super Kitchens: We always say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but this trend has now taken on a life of its own. Buyers expect the kitchen to be a center for entertaining and easy conversation that is open to the other rooms around it. Large islands with seating and pantries that hide clutter both play major roles in combining function, practicality, and style.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends3. Media Centric: More spacious media areas where buyers can make use of large screen TV’s or projectors are on the rise. In addition to more wall space, larger media rooms mean more seating and entertaining.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends4. Home Office: We’ve reached the age of the return of the home office. However, proximity to the main living area and kitchen have become more important than the previously desired location near the front of the home.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends5. Magnificent Master Baths: A soaker tub, a glass shower, and luxurious finishes continue to rank high on the list of buyers.

What Buyers Want: New-Home Design Trends6. Making an Entrance: Two-story entries and grand staircases with drama are the most ideal way to greet guests.


Read more about these home trends here.


Pictures properties: 1. 4247 Ridge Road, Dallas 2. 6831 Pemberton Drive, Dallas 3. 3808 Greenbrier Drive, Frisco 4. 6933 Vista Willow, Dallas 5. 12105 Elysian Court, Dallas 6. 17623 Cedar Creek Canyon Drive, Dallas

Photos via & Shoot2Sell

Special Function Rooms Make a Comeback

Special Function Rooms Make a Comeback

According to the most recent AIA Home Design Trends Survey published by the American Institute of Architects, special function rooms are back in demand! This survey covers activity during the second quarter of 2014 and the results show a resurgence of interest and investment in these types of rooms.


Specifically, the survey revealed that outdoor living rooms, home offices, mud rooms, and au pair/in-law suites, all considered to be “special function rooms,” are all on the rise. Media rooms and home theaters seem to be experiencing a general decline, but still hold strong in some markets. Even if you’re not a fan of rooms like these, the upward trend shows a renewed confidence in homebuilding and the housing market.


“Special function rooms, which often disappeared from homes during the downturn in an effort to manage housing costs and add flexibility to how households used their homes, are now reappearing,” the article reports. “This resurgence of interest in home design has helped revive business conditions at residential architecture firms nationally.”


Sounds like great news to us. Don’t forget, you can search any time for the rooms you desire most using our keyword and advanced search!


Pictured property: 6797 Reims Court, Frisco

OTD: Kitchen Trend Alert


3408 Purdue University Park

5600 Craddock Circle Plano

14205 Hughes Lane Dallas

6775 Saxton Ave. Frisco

If you’re a a chef or you’ve ever boiled a pot of water, you’ll love the newest trend we’ve found in many of our new listings.


Picture this: you put a pot in the sink, fill it all the way up, and then lug it across your kitchen to the stove, all the while trying to avoid slipping in the water you’re sloshing onto the floor. Have you found yourself in this situation before? Well, say hello to the over-the-stove pot filler. They’re popping up all over the place, and they’ll add so much simplicity to your life in the kitchen.


Use it to fill pots, tea kettles, or to add a splash of water to your stove-top recipes. They’re also useful if you’re got a little chef-in-the-making who loves to help out in the kitchen.


As with most things kitchen-related, they come in many different styles and materials, as seen above. We love this trend and hope that it’s here to stay. What do you think? Comment below and let us know!


Photos (from top to bottom): 3408 Purdue, University Park ; 5600 Cradlerock Circle, Plano ; 14205 Hughes Lane, Dallas  ; 6775 Saxton Ave., Frisco


Your Guide to Garden Stools

garden stools

Garden stools started popping up in mid-2013, bringing an innovative and fun new way to add color to rooms. They’re also very functional as side tables, creating a place holder for cups, magazines, and small fixers and figurines. Because they’ve becoming so popular, they come in a range of styles, colors, and materials. To show you just what your money can get you for one of these must-have garden stools, we’ve put together a little guide.

1. Handmade Black Ceramic 2. Blue and White Bird 3. Metal Mesh 4. Square Lattice Pierced 5. Granada 6. Small Rope