Statement Décor is Blooming

In addition to showcasing the luxury listings of Ebby Halliday Realtors, the spring/summer 2018 issue of Grand Vie: Luxury in Living magazine offers a plethora of interesting editorial content, including “Go for Bold,” which features a sampling of our favorite bold décor pieces from shops around Dallas-Fort Worth.

Go for Bold

The home-trends forecast is looking bright this season with vibrant colors, timeless texture and standout style wildly in bloom. Designers are swapping the all-white palette for warm wood and jewel tones, adding depth through lush velvets, floral prints and brass accents.
Looking for inspiration? Here is a chic selection of on-trend pieces to boldly transform any space.
Dutch Tulips ZGal

Dutch Blooms I by Jackie Von Tobel

West Elm Sofa

Lola Sofa in Plush Velvet Wasabi

Red Driftwood

Todd Smith Driftwood Sculpture

Metro Pillow ZGal

Metro Pillow

Mecox Lamp

Emerald Green Penshell Table Lamp

Maven SB2

Noir Jones 2-Door Sideboard

Maven Zanadoo

Arteriors Zanadoo Large Chandelier

WS Tulip Table

Tulip Pedestal Dining Table, Black Marble

Draper James Howdy Mat

Draper James Howdy Door Mat

Mecox Chair

Caden Peacock Upholstered Chair

IBB Leaf

Tacca Orchid Leaf

WS Rustic Tray

Rustic Tray with Leather Handles


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How to Appeal to Millennial House Hunters

How to Appeal to Millennial House Hunters

Trying to get into the mind of Millennial home buyers? Curious what the latest wave of house hunters is looking for in a home? The National Association of Home Builders recently released a report with telling statistics about this generation. It reveals interesting information about what members of Generation Y really want.


What they’re willing to accept to make a home affordable (From most acceptable to less so):

1. Unfinished space

2. Farther away from shopping, entertainment

3. Longer commute to work

4. Smaller lot

5. Fewer amenities

6. Smaller house

7. Less expensive materials


What else do Gen. Y’ers want?:

-75% want a single-family home

-66% want to live in the suburbs, with only 10% preferring a central city location

-78% want a kitchen that is completely open to the family room or only separated by a half wall

-52% want a two-story home

-35% want 3 bedrooms, 46% want 4 bedrooms

-64% want either 2 or 2 1/2 bathrooms

-55% want a separate laundry room, with a total of 90% saying it was essential or desirable

-An elevator is unwanted by 64% of respondents

-84% said they would pay more for a highly energy-efficient home with lower utility bills over the home’s life


Major influencers for moving to a certain community:

-58% said park area

-55% said walking/jogging trails

-54% said playgrounds

-51% said outdoor swimming pool


NAHB Assistant VP of Research Rose Quint predicted that the growing numbers of first-time buyers will drive down home size in 2015. Three million new jobs were created in 2014, 700,000 more than the previous year “and the most since 1999,” Quint said. At the same time, regulators have reduced downpayment requirements for first-time buyers from 5% to 3% and home prices have seen only moderate growth.


“All these events lead me to believe that more people will come into the market, and as younger, first-time buyers, they will demand smaller, more affordable homes,” Quint said. “Builders will build whatever demand calls out for.” (Source)

The Future of Home Characteristics 2015

The Future of Home Characteristics 2015

In December 2014, the National Association of Home Builders conducted a nationwide survey of builders to determine home trends for 2015. Some of their findings are in line with what we’ve seen in the past, but some may surprise you.


The 10 Most Likely Features in Typical Single-Family Home in 2015:

1.Walk-in closet in master bedroom

2. Laundry room

3. Low-e windows

4. Great room (Kitchen-Family room-Living room)

5. Energy-Star rated appliances

6. 9′ feet+ in 1st floor ceiling

7. Energy-Star rated windows

8. Programmable thermostat

9. 2-car garage

10. Granite countertop in kitchen


The 10 Least Likely Features in Typical Single-family Home in 2015

1. Outdoor kitchen (cooking, refrigeration, & sink)

2. Laminate countertop in kitchen

3. Outdoor fireplace

4. Sunroom

5. Two-story family room

6. Media room

7. Two-story foyer

8. Walking/Jogging trails in community

9. Whirlpool in master bathroom

10. Flooring on main level: Carpeting


21 Trends You’ll See in 2015

CM 21 Trends 2015 lg

The National Association of Realtors recently interviewed experts in home design, architecture, technology and more to predict the top trends that will characterize 2015.


In an effort to keep you in the loop, we decided to sum up their findings and show you where our homes for sale are ahead of the curve. It looks like 2015 is going to be an awesome year for home trends! Click here for the full article.

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^1. Coral Hues: This bright color is youthful but sophisticated. Try using it outside or on an accent wall like the one above. (Pictured property: 4710 Junius St., Dallas)

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^2: Open Spaces: You may think open floor plans are on their way out, but think again. Rooms, especially those connected to the kitchen, will continue to flow into one another. (Pictured property: 4818 Irvin Simmons Drive, Dallas)

3. Off-The-Shelf Plans: Homeowners aren’t springing for custom homes, but are now turning to websites for housing plans that outline blueprints, materials, and costs for a fraction of the fee.

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^4. Freestanding Tubs: Sleek, standalone bathtubs are becoming a staple in a new style of bathroom that also features open spaces and a more seamless flow. (Pictured property: 3141 Brookhollow Court, Prosper)

5. Quartzite: Its reputation as a sturdy, heat-resistant, easy-to-clean natural stone has made Quartzite a hotter choice. Additionally, it mimics the ever-popular luxe look of marble.

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^6. Porcelain Flooring: 2015’s affordable answer to hardwoods is porcelain, especially in bathrooms. This newly-popular tile ranges in size, color, and texture, but consistently wears well so it’s great in high-traffic rooms and areas exposed to moisture. (Pictures property: 4519 Cherokee Trail, Dallas)

7. Tech-Savvy: Home technology has become more accessible in price and usability, making it a top trend for the year ahead. You can find inexpensive ways to control your lightbulbs, thermostat and everything in between all  from your phone or tablet.

8. Charging Stations: You can’t speak about technology without thinking about how to keep it charged. Homeowners are moving away from large offices and toward small, carved-out spaces designed specifically to charge their tech.

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^9. Multiple Master Suites: Multi-generational houses put this trend on the map. Grown children or aging parents can move in for long or short stays with ease when there are multiple master suites. Overall, though, this trend is much more welcoming to guests of all kind. (Pictured property: 2100 La Rochelle, Flower Mound)

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^10. Fireplaces & Pits: The lure of a fire is predicted to be as popular as ever in the next year. Whether it’s woodburning, gas, electric or otherwise, expect fire features to stick around. (Pictured property: 834 Graystone Drive, Garland)

11. Wellness Systems: Air filters, water filters, and energy-efficient systems that have positive effects on the body will be worked into new homes.

12. Storage: Not just any storage, “specialized storage.” Think walk-in closets, extra-large laundry rooms, and anything that keeps clutter away from main living spaces.

13. Grander Garages: Car enthusiasts get their way with temperature controls, sleek glass doors, and car lifts. Also on the way in are big sinks or tubs for keeping the pets clean.

14. Keyless Entry: It’s not just for your car anymore. Keyless systems for you home’s doors that connect to phone apps and security systems are savvy and affordable.

15. Water Conservation: Drought scares across the country have turned homeowners more H2O conscious and made things like drought-tolerant plants, permeable pavers, and rainwater harvesting tanks all trends to look out for.

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^16. Fashionable Wall Decor: True fashionistas will tell you anything goes in fashion, and now the same is true for your walls. Mixing and matching with frames, mountable decor, and color is all the latest. (Pictured property: 3218 Jubilee Trail, Dallas)

17. Cool Copper: Pewter and brass have had their day, according to the experts. When it comes to hardware and light fixtures, copper will usher in a new year of warmth and style.

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^18. Sensible Scale: The oversized kitchen and the living room with multiple areas for entertainment and conversation are things of the past. Islands, seating arrangements, and overall room size will return to a more normal and comfortable scale. (Pictured property: 2131 Rose May, Forney)

19. Quality Sleep: We’re always told that a good night’s sleep makes all the difference, but now homeowners are investing in the idea. High quality sheets, high-tech mattresses, and calming scents will make 2015’s bedrooms the ultimate retreats for rest and relaxation.

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^20. White Kitchens: If we’ve told you once, we’ve told you a million times; white kitchens are in and they’re here to stay. Varying shades of white in all materials come together to create one kitchen whose overall message is clean and crisp. (Pictured property: 9635 Lanward Drive, Dallas)

21 Trends You'll See in 2015

^21. Outdoor LivingNo surprise here if you’re an avid reader of our blog. Outdoor living, and anything that enhances, it is on-trend. Think saltwater pools, dog runs, and outdoor showers. (Pictured property 1141 Terrace Manor Drive, Prosper)


Images via & Shoot2Sell

What Millennials Want in a Home

What Millennials Want in a Home

The recently-released 2013 American Housing Survey (AHS) outlines important information about the next generation of home owners and their home buying habits. This group is comparatively young, with little to no accumulated wealth, and yet one out of every three households who moved in the last two years and bought a home were millennials.


Here are a few of the major findings that the survey revealed:

-3 out of 4 millennial home buyers were first-time buyers. In total they bought more than 2.6 million homes over the last two years

-The median age of a millennial home buyers is 28 years old, 46% of them are married, more than 26% have kids, and they report a median income of more than $60,500

-More than 2/3 of millennial buyers in the last two years bought single-family detached properties. However, they are more likely than older generations to buy a condominium

-The group has a tendency toward older, smaller, and less expensive homes. Half of these purchased homes averages less than 1,650 sq. ft. and cost less than $148,500.

-When ranking their reasons to buy, millinneals reported 1) to establish their own household, 2) needed larger unit, 3) to own

-While older generations chose homes based on size, millennials are more influenced by finances

-Millennials, compared to older generations, are more likely to take proximity to work and good schools into account when choosing which neighborhood to live in

-This group is more likely to use unconventional zero-down mortgages


To see the full report, provided by, click here.

The Latest in Luxury Home Trends

CM Lux Home Trends lg

In the realms of home decor and design, trends are constantly changing. Here on the Ebby Blog, we’re dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and then sharing them with you. In a recent post, CNN Money reported on the most luxurious trends that wealthy homeowners are looking for in their next purchase. Some you may have heard of, but others may surprise you.

The Latest in Luxury Home Trends

1. Dine-in Wine Cellar: You’ve seen wine cellars, but now they’re being taken to the next level. Now, buyers want to be able to entertain guests right next to their immaculate collections of wine. (Pictured property: 3629 Wooded Creek Circle, Dalworthington Gardens)

The Latest in Luxury Home Trends

2. Parking: Common collectors items of affluent homeowners are rare and expensive cars. These high-end toys deserve spaces of their own, like designated underground parking or systems that park and organize cars themselves. (Pictured property: 9226 Hathaway St., Dallas)

The Latest in Luxury Home Trends

3. Air Purification: Whether it’s a mansion on a hill or a hi-rise above the city, the wealthy desire only the highest quality of air. Super savvy filtration systems featuring UV lights, energy-efficient fans, and humidifiers are more and more common. Water purification systems can also be found in homes like these. (Pictured property: 2555 N. Pearl St. #1402, Dallas)

The Latest in Luxury Home Trends

4. Drawn Out Driveways: It’s a common theory- the longer the driveway, the grander the house. Lengthy driveways add wow-factor and an element of suspense when pulling up to a home. (Pictured property: 2304 Lafayette Drive, Heath)

The Latest in Luxury Home Trends

5. Hobby Rooms: Love movies? Golf? Basketball? Music? All of these things can be incorporated into the interior of your home for a price. Indoor theaters, putting greens, sport courts, music stages, and more are all on the rise. (Pictured property: 5480 Buena Vista Drive, Frisco)

Special Function Rooms Make a Comeback

Special Function Rooms Make a Comeback

According to the most recent AIA Home Design Trends Survey published by the American Institute of Architects, special function rooms are back in demand! This survey covers activity during the second quarter of 2014 and the results show a resurgence of interest and investment in these types of rooms.


Specifically, the survey revealed that outdoor living rooms, home offices, mud rooms, and au pair/in-law suites, all considered to be “special function rooms,” are all on the rise. Media rooms and home theaters seem to be experiencing a general decline, but still hold strong in some markets. Even if you’re not a fan of rooms like these, the upward trend shows a renewed confidence in homebuilding and the housing market.


“Special function rooms, which often disappeared from homes during the downturn in an effort to manage housing costs and add flexibility to how households used their homes, are now reappearing,” the article reports. “This resurgence of interest in home design has helped revive business conditions at residential architecture firms nationally.”


Sounds like great news to us. Don’t forget, you can search any time for the rooms you desire most using our keyword and advanced search!


Pictured property: 6797 Reims Court, Frisco

Feature We Love: Shades of Gray

CM Shades of Gray_lg

Not much else in the home design world is hotter right now than gray. From backsplashes to bedding, shades of gray are popping up in every room. This cool, calming color has become the center around which all the most luxurious and beautiful interior design is based. Check out these spaces that are on point with this growing gray trend.

Feature We Love: Shades of Gray^4552 Pecan Valley Drive, Plano

Feature We Love: Shades of Gray^3812 Saddle Trail, Parker

Feature We Love: Shades of Gray^48 Oak Hill Circle, Brownwood

Feature We Love: Shades of Gray^4018 Dalton Drive, Rowlett

Feature We Love: Shades of Gray^1530 Abrams Road, Dallas


^6910 La Vista, Dallas

Feature We Love: Shades of Gray ^6822 Rocky Top Circle, Dallas

White Hot Kitchens

In our most recent edition of Grand Vie magazine, there’s a page dedicated to some of the hottest home trends of 2014 (click to see them all). One of these trends is “White Hot Kitchens,” which essentially means kitchens that are based on a white or mostly white color palette. White kitchens create a fresh and airy atmosphere, and are on-trend this year. From Carrera marble countertops to custom cabinetry, white kitchens are white hot. Check out these homes with kitchens that are ahead of their time and are so very on-trend for 2014.

White Hot Kitchens

^7609 Oakbluff Drive, Dallas

White Hot Kitchens

^1600 Winding Creek Road, Prosper

White Hot Kitchens

 ^48 Oak Hill Circle, Brownwood

White Hot Kitchens

^6544 Meadow Road, Dallas

White Hot Kitchens

^500 Rosebury Circle, McKinney

Welcome Back the Front Porch

According to the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Home Builders, front porches are heading for a comeback as one of the most popular amenities in 2014. Though you may not have realized, front porches have been traded out in recent years for front-facing garages, more backyard space, and decks in the back of homes that offer more privacy to homeowners.


This year, builders expect to see a great reemergence of the front porch. Most often associated with a great place to drink a cup of morning coffee and a resting place for parents watching over their kids out in the neighborhood, the front porch is a sign of simpler times. Even if it’s not a grand space, a front porch adds architectural detail, curb appeal, and is an inviting feature for home buyers. Adding a couple rocking chairs, a porch swing, or a small bench creates an extension of the home and a place to sit back and connect with neighbors.


Check out these listings that represent the many homes we have on the market with this charming feature:

Welcome Back the Front Porch^6519 Gaston Ave., Dallas

Welcome Back the Front Porch

4034 University Blvd., University Park

Welcome Back the Front Porch^5540 Victor St., Dallas

Welcome Back the Front Porch^5410 Mercedes Ave., Dallas

Welcome Back the Front Porch^503 FM 2194, Farmersville

Welcome Back the Front Porch^812 Sandy Creek Road, Bowie