Feature We Love: Butler’s Pantry

When you spend as much time as we do looking at and thinking about houses, you start to pick up on common trends. One of the features we’ve seen a lot of lately is the butler’s pantry. If you’ve got the space, this feature can do wonders for your kitchen and entertaining needs. Whether it’s the size of a small room or a more simple wall of built-ins, a butler’s pantry is useful as extra storage, a bar area, and a place to stage or serve meals.


We took a look through our current inventory and found some of the best examples of this wonderful feature to share with you today. For more homes with butler’s pantries, click here.

Feature We Love: Butler's Pantry^4002 Lake Powell Drive, Alrington

Feature We Love: Butler's Pantry^9925 Jourdan Way, Dallas

Feature We Love: Butler's Pantry^5323 Swiss Ave., Dallas

Feature We Love: Butler's Pantry^8545 Midway Road, Dallas

Feature We Love: Butler's Pantry^5990 Haley Way, Frisco

Feature We Love: Butler's Pantry^4224 Belclaire Ave., Highland Park