Springtime is the Ideal Time

After cooler-than-normal temperatures, it’s welcome news that we’ll be enjoying temperatures in 70s and 80s this weekend in North Texas.

And, you can bet that with our spring weather potential buyers will increasingly be out and about discovering homes for sale across the region. Not surprisingly, those with the best “curb appeal” are often the first to sell.

Buyers often pass quick judgment on a property based on its drive-up appeal. A small investment in time and money to spruce up your property’s appearance could mean fewer days on the market and a higher sales price.

Below are a few areas in particular on which you should focus:

*  For a burst of color, plant spring flowers.

*  Tidy up your gardens.

*  Remove glass from light fixtures around your home’s front door and clean thoroughly.

*  Wash down your front door. If the sun has faded the paint, consider repainting.

*  Clean and polish your front door’s hardware. Replace it if necessary.

*  Check your house numbers. Are they still in good shape and visible from the street? If not, replace them.

*  Wash the windows. If this isn’t your strong suit, hire a professional.

*  Check your roof to make sure no shingles are missing or damaged.

*  Remove debris from your gutters and drain spouts.

*  Clean your patio furniture. You want potential buyers to be able to visualize your outdoor living area’s potential.

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18 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

18 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

If you’re selling your home or you’re just tired of your home’s first impression, we’ve got a list of 18 cheap ways to improve your curb appeal.


Curb appeal can do a lot to damage a potential buyer’s view of your home. An up kept lawn, broken shutters, or dirty gutters can go a long way to sway a buyer’s outlook. You should know that the outside of your home is assumed to be a reflection of what lays inside.


If you’re not selling, freshening up your curb appeal is a great way to revitalize your pride in your home and fall in love with it all over again. With a little work and some elbow grease your home will be the envy of the neighborhood.


-Wash and repair your windows

-Cut back and maintain the plants around the foundation of your home. Replace them completely if needed

-Update, clean, or repaint any light fixtures on the exterior of your home or in your front yard

-Repair, paint, or buy a new mailbox

-Clean or replace the window treatments inside your home that are visible from the outside

-Repair any path or walkway to your home

-Remove dead plants and/or their dead branches

-Mow, fertilize, and water your lawn

-Power wash exterior features. Use the machine for any path, driveway, or walkway and implement elbow grease for more fragile or painted features

-Get rid of cobwebs around light fixtures, railings, and in ceiling corners

-Add potted plants by the entry or plant rows of flowers along any path or walkway

-Repaint your front door

-Repaint your shutters

-Sweep your porch clear of any leaves or debris

-Don’t use your porch or front yard for storage. Put away all toys, yard equipment, and garbage cans

-Add some seating to your front porch/entry

-If you have a pet, clean up after them in the yard

-Clean your gutters


Most of these things can be done easily by yourself or with help from friends and family, but don’t overextend yourself, hire a professional where needed. You can implement all of these tips or take on just a few, either way you’re sure to notice a beautiful difference in your home’s curb appeal.


Photo: 806 Hillcrest, Southlake