OTD: The Many Faces of Kitchen Cabinetry


We stumbled across an article on Houzz today that explains the three main types of cabinetry: inset, partial overlay, and full overlay. It got us thinking about all the different types of cabinetry we have in our home inventory. From black and modern to white and traditional, we’ve got a style of cabinetry perfect for everyone’s tastes on today’s Of The Day! Which style is your favorite? Comment and let us know!


1. listing_28


3. listing_28-3

4. listing_26

5. listing_25

6. listing_33

7. listing_28-2

Kitchens (from top to bottom): 1. 6406 Forest Creek, Dallas ; 2. 9008 Glen Springs, Dallas ; 3. 3408 Purdue, Dallas ; 4. 8818 Flint Falls Drive, Dallas ; 5. 6536 Lake Circle Drive, Dallas ; 6. 2216 Sinclair St., Carrollton ; 7. 9527 Millridge Drive, Dallas