Kitchens with a Bright View

If you spend any considerable amount of time in the kitchen, you know how important the right lighting can be. Is the chicken cooked through? Is that bowl really clean? Did I get all the crumbs of the counter?


Equally as important as lighting in a kitchen is ambiance and space. Working in a dark, cramped kitchen can have a major effect on your cooking and how much you enjoy doing it. If you’re looking to get the right light and ambiance, it doesn’t get much better than a window (or two) above the kitchen sink. It brings in light, opens up the space visually, and allows you a view of the outdoors.


Check out the kitchens below and you’ll know exactly what we mean! Click on the links or pictures below to get more information (psst, they’re all for sale)!

Kitchens with a Bright View^2615 Winding Hollow Lane, Arlington

Kitchens with a Bright View^6215 Tremont St., Dallas

Kitchens with a Bright View^406 Monte Vista Drive, Dallas

Kitchens with a Bright View^1809 Trinidad Lane, Allen

Kitchens with a Bright View^6322 Desco Drive, Dallas

Kitchens with a Bright View^4048 Dunhaven Road, Dallas