10 Media Rooms for Super Bowl Sunday

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, and the biggest game of the year calls for an incredible game-day experience.


Whether you’ll be watching for the athletic excellence or for the over-the-top commercials, this Sunday’s game between the Rams and the Patriots offers the ultimate excuse to include a beautiful new media room on your home-shopping wish list.


Here’s a few spectacular North Texas media rooms where you could soon be enjoying the next big game.


1 Braewood

39 Braewood PlaceGlen Abbey | $3,999,000


2 Granada

2021 Granda Trail | Westlake | $2,799,950



6326 Carrington Drive | North Dallas | $2,249,000


4 Stone Cliff

5608 Stone Cliff Court | Far North Dallas | $1,950,000


5 Rochester

800 Rochester Lane | Southlake | $1,899,000


6 Sea Side

537 Sea Side Lane | McKinney | $1,795,000


7 Purdue

4915 Purdue AvenueBluffview | $1,350,000


8 Wainsborough

18712 Wainsborough Lane | Far North Dallas | $1,280,000


9 Audubon

6903 Audubon Drive | Parker | $1,280,000


10 Vistaview

4101 Vistaview Court | Arlington | $950,000


To see more exceptional media rooms and view all of the North Texas homes for sale, visit ebby.com.

Liven Up Your Living Room

Wooden cupboard and white sofa in a living room interior with heather

A little refresh goes a long way in any room, but there’s definitely an art to a living room redesign. Follow these simple steps for a well-designed living room.


Beautiful living room interior with hardwood floors and fireplace in new luxury home.


Determine the best furniture placement based on room traffic, taking into consideration fireplaces, TVs and outdoor views. Start with upholstered pieces like a sofa or sectional, followed by chairs, ottomans and benches.


Blue Suede Mid Century Modern Couch in Minimalist Apartment Setting


Based on furniture and upholstery, select a rug to serve as a foundation for the space. Consider rug-to-room size ratios, and that upholstered items should sit on the front of the rug.


Table lamp next to comfy sofa in modern style living room


Now that seating and rugs are placed, it’s time for tables. Most rooms require end tables and a cocktail table, while a credenza is perfect for below the TV.


Modern scandinavian living room interior - 3d render


When tables are situated, good lighting comes into play. Choose the scale and style of lamps based on both natural and necessary light.


Living room with metal chair


Complete your room with art and décor. Add color and character with glassware, trays, books, candles and art of all forms.

Dorm Room Essentials for ‘Home Away From Home’

Van loaded full of student's possessions ready to move to the university


It is almost that time of year again – back to school!


When preparing to move away from home, it’s easy to forget the little things that can make a difference in dorm room living. Luckily, there are a variety of resources that can help you remember to purchase all the essentials for your child’s new digs.


Before you do any shopping, check with the school to see if they have a list of items your student should bring, and those items to be left behind.


Once all that is squared away, it’s time to start going down a checklist. This one from Bed Bath & Beyond is thorough and easy to follow.


Bed Bath & Beyond also offers a Pack & Hold System, which is one of the easiest ways to prepare for a move. Visit a location close to home and scan all of the items you wish to pick up at a Bed Bath & Beyond near the university. Once you and your child arrive at school, take a trip to the local store to pick up all of the items! Not only does this program eliminate the hassle of paying for shipping, but it also gives you more space in your car or suitcase to bring other items such as clothes, electronics, and even decorations.


With all of that said and done, below are eight more items to help make any dorm room the perfect “home away from home.”

k copy

PowerCurve+ Surge Protector $34.99

This surge protector charges a number of devices at once, and is perfect for those dorms that only have one or two outlets.


Amazon Echo Dot$49.99 

This hands-free Echo Dot speaker from Amazon offers multiple services including setting alarms for class, playing music, and answering questions. It’s perfect for students who like a little background music while studying.



Double Over-the-Door Hook $9.99 

This satin-nickel double hook is an essential – trust us.  Hang bath towels, any ironing, or an outfit for the next day to stay ultra-organized.


Laundry Hamper$7.99

This lightweight, mesh laundry hamper is ideal for bringing clothes to and from the dorm’s laundry facilities. The pop-up storage-friendly hamper is easy to fold down to conserve space when not in use, and even offers side pockets to hold any detergents or other laundry items.


Shower Tote $9.99

Avoid clutter and transport bathroom accessories easily with this mesh shower tote. Hang it on the room’s door hook to conserve space or to dry off.


Desk Lamp $14.99

It seems like every dorm room needs more lighting than what is provided. This desk lamp features a flexible head, ample storage, and a built-in USB port in the base. An added bonus? It also has storage space for desk supplies to give easy access to items used daily.



Bed Lifts $24.99 (Set of 4) 

Most dorm rooms are tight in space and any extra storage space helps. These espresso-colored wooden bed lifts are perfect to create extra storage under the bed. Use one to lift a bed 3.5 inches, or stack two sets together to raise your student’s bed up to 7 inches.


Mini-Refrigerator $129.99

This stainless-steel mini refrigerator maximizes space, as it can rest on the floor or a countertop. It’s the perfect size for even the smallest dorm rooms.

Fresh Listing Friday: Modern Simplicity

Fresh Listing Friday 960

Happy Friday y’all! This week’s Fresh Listing Friday is modern home in Dallas’ sought-after Urban Reserve community, adjacent to White Rock Creek Trail. Cantilevered over a cliff, 33 Vanguard Way offers natural lighting, a quiet study and a kitchen with an abundance of storage. Take a virtual tour below to see all the beautiful upgrades throughout.

Need-to-know Details:

• Priced at $710,000
• 2,009 square feet: 3 bedrooms, 2.1 baths
• 1.5 stories
• Master suite downstairs
• A glass wall the length of the house separating the garden and living spaces
• A guest suite on the second floor

138502243-2968893 138502243-2968903138502243-2968953 138502243-2969023 138502243-2969043 138502243-2969053138502243-2969073 138502243-2969083138502243-2969163 138502243-2969173 138502243-2969183138502243-2969223 138502243-2969243 138502243-2969283

To view this listing, contact Hector Sanchez at 469-955-0255 or HectorSanchez@Ebby.com

8 Media Rooms for the Ultimate Super Bowl Sunday

It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday, and the biggest game of the year calls for the ultimate game-day experience. Whether you’ll be watching for the awe-inspiring athletic excellence or for the over-the-top commercials, this Sunday’s game between the Patriots and the Falcons offers the ultimate excuse to include a beautiful new media room on your home-shopping wish list. Here’s just a few of the spectacular North Texas media rooms where you could soon be enjoying the next big game.

Media Rooms
1708 Cliffview Drive | Plano | $2,950,000Media Rooms
1312 Fanning Street | Southlake | $2,680,000
Media Rooms
5242 Buena Vista Drive | Frisco | $2,500,000
Media Rooms
6524 Old Gate Road | Plano | $2,495,000
Media Rooms
1000 Lexington Terrace | Southlake | $1,695,000
Media Rooms
1201 Earlston Court | Southlake | $1,679,900
Media Rooms
5666 Lakeshore Drive | Frisco | $799,900
Media Rooms
304 Vatican Hill Drive | Little Elm | $469,000

How-To: Interior Lighting

Did you know that lighting is one of the most important elements in your home? When natural light isn’t available, due to lack of windows or time of day, the mood and brightness of your home is dictated by interior lighting. Additionally, light fixtures are a large part of design and personal style.


Following are a few tips to get the most out of your interior lighting:



Use multiple sources for light so that the ambience is just right. Think about a mix of recessed ceiling lights, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, and under mounted lighting solutions. A combination will throw light in different directions and create a more generalized glow.


5730 County Road 471 | McKinney | $648,000


Focal Points

Use task lighting and directed light to highlight desks, plants, art, and unique decor.


4428 Greenbrier Drive | Dallas | $1,750,000



Consider installing dimmers in entertaining spaces like dining areas, media rooms, and living areas. Being able to set the mood for a meal, movie or cozy night by the fire makes all the difference.


6436 Sudbury Road | Plano – Kings Gate | $2,399,900


Read the Room

Different rooms call for different light fixture heights, sizes, and illuminations. For example, overhead lighting makes more sense in a kitchen than it does in a bedroom. Smaller lamps, sconces and delicate chandeliers are better suited in bedrooms than large living spaces.


5330 Pebblebrook Drive | Dallas – Russwood Acres | $1,569,000



Always follow the instructions on your light fixture for maximum wattage, but don’t be afraid to take it down a notch. If the light fixture is more for decor than actual illumination, consider using low-wattage bulbs, which use less energy. Typical wattages range from 40 (for reading) to 80 (for putting on make up). However, utilizing multiple fixtures will allow for something in between.


4340 Shenandoah Street | University Park | $1,450,000



The fixtures you choose have a visual impact on your space. Make sure to keep the overall look and feel of the room in mind when selecting fixtures, but don’t be afraid to go bold. Statement floor lamps or chandeliers are the perfect way to add a punch of style with just one or two pieces.


3804 Villanova Street | University Park | $2,675,000