Fort Worth has America’s #1 Downtown

Fort Worth Voted America's No. 1 Downtown

According to, Fort Worth’s downtown is the No. 1 downtown in the U.S., a pretty awesome accolade if you ask us. We’ve raved about the city’s development of Sundance Square and we’ve also talked about the major attraction that is the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo. These two things combine to make Fort Worth an entirely unique and exciting place to visit.


“Few downtowns have achieved the cohesion between cowboy culture and urban sophistication that Fort Worth has to offer,” the article states. “The number of people living in downtown Fort Worth continues to grow as new developments add residential, office and retail options.”


Much of this growth is attributed to the leaders of the city who continue to bring in new improvement and rehabilitation projects that boost the economy, employment rate, and create a more walkable environment with less traffic congestion. There is further growth expected in relation to the Trinity River Vision Project, which includes a plan to develop 800 acres connecting downtown, the Cultural District and the Stockyards that could eventually double the size of downtown.


Some other noteworthy stats about the city are:

-13 parks for residents and visitors to dine and relax

-80 locally owned restaurants and bars

-The 2,056-seat Bass Performance Hall

-A population of 777,898 people

-2.6% decrease in retail vacancy between 2012 & 2013

-3.3% average income growth

-6.6% unemployment


Congrats to Fort Worth and to all of us who get to visit the No. 1 downtown in America!