An Eye on Dallas Art

tony tasset eye

Many of you may have heard buzz about, or even seen, the latest art installment that currently resides in a temporary exhibition space across from The Joule. It’s certainly “eye” catching. The 30-foot eyeball, simply titled “Eye,” is a result of a partnership between The Joule, Nasher Sculpture Center, and contemporary artist Tony Tasset.


In the words of the Nasher, “the enormous scale of the sculpture strives to change everyday experience by effectively miniaturizing its surroundings as well as by creating a spectacle that draws attention to the simple act of looking and to the instrument through which we take in and understand our world.” If this statement only makes you more curious, you have a great opportunity to hear more about it and its artist this weekend.


This Sunday, Jan. 19, Tony Tasset will host a free forum at at The Joule, presented by Nasher Sculpture Center. There is a special valet price for attendees and RSVP is required.