Reflecting Luxe in Your Own Style

Creative experiences and devices reflect the essence of luxury — staying abreast of the most interesting and exclusive innovations around the world is essential to a luxury lifestyle. This collection of luxe trends showcases some of our favorite products and pursuits that encourage and cater to a life well lived.



Aston Martin AM37 Yacht

Described as “the ultimate day boat,” the AM37 combines remarkable design and innovative technology. Created by high-end English carmaker Aston Martin and handcrafted by Quintessence Yachts, the AM37  is a 37-foot-long yacht made of 3,500 unique parts. Combining bespoke craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, the AM37 is a remarkable yacht designed for the most discerning buyer.


oura rings

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring tracks physical activity throughout the day to analyze how daily behaviors affect sleep patterns. The ring is designed to be worn all day and tracks the wearer’s steps, distance traveled and calories burned. All of this data is available in an online dashboard or the smartphone app, and helps users understand how to adjust daily activities to perform better during the day and have a better night’s sleep.



Tree Hotel

Tree Hotel, an experiential lodging company based in the small town of Harads, Sweden, offers a unique experience for those seeking a hotel stay like none other. The owners of Tree Hotel have worked with some of Scandinavia’s leading architects to create “tree rooms” that are suspended 4 to 6 meters above ground within the nearby forest. Guests can choose from seven tree rooms, including the polished Mirrorcube that reflects the beautiful forest scenery.


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