Pick the Perfect Paint Color

Pick the Perfect Paint Color


If you’ve ever had to pick a paint color you know this major truth, the options are endless. Choosing the right paint color can be an overwhelming task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow these 10 tips and you’ll have a new sense of confidence next time you’re in the paint aisle.


Bring Inspiration: Take along an existing pillow, piece of fabric, or photo of your space. This will help you make more informed decisions.


The Right Light: Make sure to view your paint or paint chips in natural light to assure you’re seeing the color correctly. Paint looks different under artificial light, so try holding the chip near a window or painting a sample on your wall first.


Take Home Testers: All the major paint retailers sell paint in small, tester sizes. These are perfect to take home and try out before committing to a full gallon of paint. The small amount will provide you with enough paint to give you an idea of what it would really be like to live with the color.


Try Multiple Shades: If you’re having trouble choosing, buy multiple testers and paint side-by-side squares on your walls. Live with them for a few days so you get the chance to see how the colors look morning, noon, and night. Make sure to mark them with identifiers so you’ll remember which one you liked best.


Choose Your Drama: Look to the color wheel for inspiration. Colors close together will make a room calm while those farther apart add drama.


Do What You Love: Start with a color you love, even if it’s not popular at the moment. Doing this will assure you’ll love the color for years to come. Just remember, your favorite color comes in a range of hues.


Lighten Up: If you’re afraid a hue may be too dark, ask the mixer to do a 50 percent tint of the color to lighten it up. Custom colors can also give a room a designer look, but make sure to jot down the specifics of your color for future touch-ups.


Room to Room: If you have rooms that are open to one another, avoid choosing radically different colors, which will make the spaces feel chopped up and small.


Go Bold: Small rooms that are visited more rarely, like a library or half-bath, can be done in stronger colors that make a statement.


Spraying vs. Rolling: Rolling may be the most popular choice, but it’s also the most time consuming and requires touch ups more often. On the other hand, spraying results in a more high-end, professional look that also cuts painting time in half. You can rent high-volume, low-pressure sprayers at most home-improvement stores. With both options make sure you properly cover the areas you don’t want painted.

10 Ways to Refresh and Renew This Spring

10 Ways to Refresh and Renew This Spring



When you think of springtime, brightly colored flowers, sunny days, and lush foliage likely fill your thoughts. It’s the time of year that signifies renewal – and the perfect time to tackle making over your home.


In the new spring edition of Grand Vie: Luxury in Living, Dallas-Fort Worth’s premier luxury home publication, Shay Geyer, owner and designer at IBB Design Fine Furnishings, provides some timely tips for a spring makeover of your home.


*  Greenery is the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year and the perfect nod to spring for your home’s décor.  A “fresh and zesty yellow-green,” this color can be used as an accent to bring a neutral palette to life or paired with other lively colors for a dynamic interior.


10 Ways to Refresh and Renew This Spring


*  Paint is one of the easiest ways to transform a room. Choose a happy hue that brings new life into your room and puts a smile on your face. Brighter, more-saturated hues work best as accents and shades of white offer a crisp backdrop for artwork and fabrics to steal the show.


*  Wallpaper is more of a commitment than paint, but it allows you to bring in bold patterns and cheerful color that will fill your space with happiness all year long.  Good news: Removable, peel-and-stick wallpapers are now available.


*  Add accent pillows in a bright floral pattern or botanical print to your sofa or chairs for an instant update. Butterflies, birds and cherry blossoms are other popular spring motifs that work beautifully as accents in a home.


10 Ways to Refresh and Renew This Spring


*  Punchy pastels are on trend right now. Think of ballet pinks and aquas but kicked up a notch in saturation. These colors are anything but soft and can add a cheerful accent to your space when used in accessories.


*  Drapery panels not only dress your windows but they soften a wall by layering in fabric. Choose a solid in sunny yellow or sky blue or opt for a floral pattern for a touch of springtime influence. If you’re shy about pattern and color, select a sheer fabric for drapery panels to evoke a light and airy feeling.


*  Layer in the texture. Use a grass-cloth wallpaper or a tile that emulates wood to bring the outdoors inside your home.


10 Ways to Renew and Refresh


*  Add scented candles and diffusers throughout your home. Fragrances like fresh peony, lavender thyme and gardenia will fill your rooms with the sweet smells of spring.


*  Add floral and greenery arrangements to bring a room to life. Whether fresh or faux, a floral arrangement instantly makes a room happy. When selecting a silk arrangement, the more lifelike the better. Use the arrangements on an end table, console or coffee table for a pop of color.


*  Get organized. Edit your rooms and get rid of clutter. Incorporate baskets into your bookshelves to keep things neat and tidy. Use decorative boxes on your cocktail table to store remotes and electronic devices.


For more advice on bringing springtime into your home and to see many of the most spectacular homes for sale in North Texas, visit grandviemagazine.com.


PHOTO CREDIT: Dan Piassick