Make the Most out of Your Dishwasher Cycle

Dish washer full of clean dishes, colorful
How you load your dishwasher makes a huge difference in how clean your dishes become. Below are some tips to help you maximize the space in your dishwasher and get the cleanest dishes out of each cycle.
Quick tips
• Rinse all dishes beforehand. If they are particularly dirty, let them soak in soap and water for a while.
• Always hand wash cast-iron items, high-quality knives, crystal, copper pans, gold-plated dishware and insulated mugs.
• Never stack items, as this will prevent them from truly being cleaned.
Top Rack
• All plastic should go on the top rack. The bottom rack is closer to the heating element, and thus, can melt these items.
• Glasses and mugs should be positioned facing downward between the tines (or prongs), rather than on top. This will prevent water spots from occurring, as well as from water collecting in the glasses.
Bottom Rack
• Flat pans and platters should go on the sides or back. If placed in the front, they can prevent the soap from reaching the rest of the dishes.
• If your silverware basket doesn’t have a slot for each individual piece, then place some facing upward, and some facing downward to prevent them from stacking together.
• For optimal cleaning results, position plates and bowls with the dirty sides facing toward the water spray. Likewise, position pots, pans, casserole and Pyrex® dishes facing downward.
• When opting to put your wine glasses in the dishwasher, be sure none of them touch to avoid breakage.

Essentials for the Perfect Picnic

Going for a picnic is the quintessential way to spend a beautiful spring or summer afternoon. This season, upgrade your picnic game with these essentials.

1. Picnic basket – $69.95
This charming basketweave picnic basket is the perfect vessel to transport your food to the ideal spot. The sturdy leather straps make it easy to carry.
2. Food storage – $34.95
Keep your picnic food fresh with these airtight storage containers. They neatly stack and have color-coded lids to help you stay organized. They’re also microwave and dishwasher-safe.
3. Steady stick wine glass holders – $10.95
These clever wine glass holders stick in the grass to hold your glass steady. Never knock over your wine glass again!
4. Insect repellant – $4.97
Be sure to have insect repellant nearby to keep insects away. This dry spray does the trick without leaving oily residue behind.
5. Acrylic wine glasses – $3.95
These acrylic wine glasses are a durable twist on the classic design. Plus, they stack neatly to save space.
 Picnic blanket – $45.00
Relax in style with a fun picnic blanket like this one. It’s also reversible!
7. Paring knife – $9.95
This knife is perfect for paring, peeling, and slicing. The covered blade keeps it safe in a picnic basket.
8. Bamboo dining ware – Plates: $14.94, Flatware: $11.95
This beautiful bamboo dining ware is a sturdy and eco-friendly alternative to plastic. Pack it up and throw it out when you’re done!