Texas Metros Lead U.S.

Growth Trends


The new Census population estimates are out, and only two U.S. metros added more than 100,000 people between July 2013 and July 2014. Dallas and Houston — both located in Texas.


Only one U.S. metro with a population greater than 1 million people grew by 3 percent last year. It’s Austin— also in Texas.


And you can probably guess which state had the most entries in the list of 50 counties with the greatest population gains. Again, it’s Texas.


National news media stories often give the impression that everyone is moving to the city centers of New York, Chicago, San Jose, and Boston. In fact, all of those metro areas have seen more Americans leaving than coming in the past five years. The cities with the highest levels of net domestic migration since 2010 are Houston, Dallas, Austin, Phoenix, Denver, and San Antonio.


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Population Growth: Texas Metros Lead U.S.