Room Re-Do: Sweet, Serene Nursery

On this edition of Room Re-Do we took on the adorable nursery at 5543 Morningside Ave. in Dallas’ M Streets neighborhood. Designed in brown and white with pops of pink, the pieces in this space could easily transition into a little boy’s nursery as well.


Take a look at the links below to get the look of this cozy, chic room for your little one.

Room Re-do: Sweet, Serene Nursery1. Giraffe 2. Bookshelf (with optional baskets) 3. Silver frames 4. Iron crib 5. Swivel rocker 6. Ottoman 7. Pouf 8. Lamb rocker 9. Hamper 10. Rug


Room Re-Do: Glam Guest Bedroom

The Old Preston Hollow home at 5808 Falls Road is filled with gorgeous design and attention to detail, all the way through to the guest bedrooms.


On this edition of Room Re-Do we tackled this glam guest room done in hues of brown with a punch of pink and accents in gold and metallics. So many guest rooms these days lack personality and style, but not this room! It’s serene and welcoming with just the right amount of color.

Room Re-Do: Glam Guestroom1. Pendant Light 2. Headboard 3. Mirror 4. Curtains 5. Bedding 6. Lamp 7. Bedside Table

Room Re-Do: Chic Home Office

If you’re looking for a chic and stylish way to decorate your home office, look no further. The listing at 5638 Merrimac Ave. in Dallas’ M Streets neighborhood has designer touches throughout, but we’re especially enchanted by the office. Get the look for yourself by checking out these items!

Room Re-Do: Chic Home Office

1. Blue Chair 2. Clock 3. Cabinet 4. Garden Stool 5. Desk 6. Desk Chair 7. Lamp 8. Rug


Property Photo via & Shot2Sell: 5638 Merrimac Ave., Dallas


Room Re-Do: Elegant Home Office

An office with well appointed furniture and accents can be one of the most beautiful rooms in a home. It elevates the home to a somewhat stately level and gives it the feeling of grandeur, especially when a fireplace and built-ins are involved.


This edition of Room Re-Do is based on the home office at the $2.45 million listing at 6230 Prestonshire Lane in Dallas. While we can’t give you the fireplace or the built-ins, we can help you on your way to having an office like this of your own using similar decor.

Room Re-Do: Elegant Home Office

1. Art   2. Chandelier   3. Box   4. Side Table   5. Desk   6. Antler   7. Desk Chair   8. Tray   9. Tufted Chair   10. Rug

11. Ottoman   12. Pillow