Dorm Room Essentials for ‘Home Away From Home’

Van loaded full of student's possessions ready to move to the university


It is almost that time of year again – back to school!


When preparing to move away from home, it’s easy to forget the little things that can make a difference in dorm room living. Luckily, there are a variety of resources that can help you remember to purchase all the essentials for your child’s new digs.


Before you do any shopping, check with the school to see if they have a list of items your student should bring, and those items to be left behind.


Once all that is squared away, it’s time to start going down a checklist. This one from Bed Bath & Beyond is thorough and easy to follow.


Bed Bath & Beyond also offers a Pack & Hold System, which is one of the easiest ways to prepare for a move. Visit a location close to home and scan all of the items you wish to pick up at a Bed Bath & Beyond near the university. Once you and your child arrive at school, take a trip to the local store to pick up all of the items! Not only does this program eliminate the hassle of paying for shipping, but it also gives you more space in your car or suitcase to bring other items such as clothes, electronics, and even decorations.


With all of that said and done, below are eight more items to help make any dorm room the perfect “home away from home.”

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PowerCurve+ Surge Protector $34.99

This surge protector charges a number of devices at once, and is perfect for those dorms that only have one or two outlets.


Amazon Echo Dot$49.99 

This hands-free Echo Dot speaker from Amazon offers multiple services including setting alarms for class, playing music, and answering questions. It’s perfect for students who like a little background music while studying.



Double Over-the-Door Hook $9.99 

This satin-nickel double hook is an essential – trust us.  Hang bath towels, any ironing, or an outfit for the next day to stay ultra-organized.


Laundry Hamper$7.99

This lightweight, mesh laundry hamper is ideal for bringing clothes to and from the dorm’s laundry facilities. The pop-up storage-friendly hamper is easy to fold down to conserve space when not in use, and even offers side pockets to hold any detergents or other laundry items.


Shower Tote $9.99

Avoid clutter and transport bathroom accessories easily with this mesh shower tote. Hang it on the room’s door hook to conserve space or to dry off.


Desk Lamp $14.99

It seems like every dorm room needs more lighting than what is provided. This desk lamp features a flexible head, ample storage, and a built-in USB port in the base. An added bonus? It also has storage space for desk supplies to give easy access to items used daily.



Bed Lifts $24.99 (Set of 4) 

Most dorm rooms are tight in space and any extra storage space helps. These espresso-colored wooden bed lifts are perfect to create extra storage under the bed. Use one to lift a bed 3.5 inches, or stack two sets together to raise your student’s bed up to 7 inches.


Mini-Refrigerator $129.99

This stainless-steel mini refrigerator maximizes space, as it can rest on the floor or a countertop. It’s the perfect size for even the smallest dorm rooms.