The Benefits of Twilight Photography

Today, the vast majority of buyers start their home search online, so your home’s online photos will, no doubt, be the first impression. In real estate, good photography can determine whether or not buyers think it’s worth their time to see a house in person. And, unless they’re buying site-unseen, getting them in the house is necessary.


Take a look at the photos below of the home at 7123 La Vista St. It’s an adorable three-bedroom, two-bath house located right near White Rock Lake and listed for $749,000. This information will draw in a certain group of buyers strictly because it fits their search criteria, so here’s when photography can make a big difference.


While both photo shoots pick up on the home’s flow, style, and overall allure, the photos on the right are taken at twilight, a time that tends to be the most flattering for real estate photography. As you look through the photos below keep in mind the time of day. You’ll notice that the most dramatic change is lighting. Photos taken at twilight allow for the a more natural and inviting representation of the home.


The Benefits of Twilight PhotographyIn this set, the photo on the left shows the house and cute and inviting, but doesn’t the one on the right draw you in just a little more?

The Benefits of Twilight PhotographyIn the living room, the twilight outside creates a more soothing lighting inside in the second photo. The room is lit by natural light and not as much by interior lights, which in turn displays the room most naturally. 

The Benefits of Twilight PhotographyNext, in the kitchen, twilight photography captures the true colors of the entire room. The photo on the right shows a more accurate depiction of the kitchen. This how it would look  if a buyer came to the house themselves.

The Benefits of Twilight PhotographyOutside, both pictures, again, are wonderful. But, when put side by side, the photo on the right picks up on the wonderful ambiance coming from the house and the outdoor lights. Again, this is simply due to the time of day at which the photos were taken.

Photos via Chateau Shooters