What $1.5 Million Gets You in D-FW

Ever wonder what a $1.5 million house looks like in D-FW? Whether you’re in the market or just curious, here are 7 amazing homes that meet the budget. Click any of the collages below for a full photo tour!


What $1.5 Million Buys in D-FW^$1,500,000: 2500 Sandage Ave., Fort Worth


What $1.5 Million Buys in D-FW^$1,499,999: 3395 W. Eldorado Pwky., Little Elm


What $1.5 Million Buys in D-FW^$1,499,000: 504 Wagonwheel Court, Colleyville


What $1.5 Million Buys in D-FW^$1,499,000: 3441 University Blvd., University Park


What $1.5 Million Buys in D-FW^$1,495,000: 6435 Shady Oaks Drive, Frisco


What $1.5 Million Buys in D-FW^$1,475,000: Desco Drive, Dallas


What $1.5 Million Buys in D-FW^$1,375,000: 8200 Forest Hills Blvd., Dallas 

Photos via ebby.com & Shoot2Sell


7 Spaces to Celebrate Spring

Spring has sprung! And all the wonderful weather and cheer this season brings with it is finally here. With fresh memories of cold temperatures behind us and the knowledge that we, no doubt, have a hot summer ahead of us, now is the time to enjoy warm sunny days outside! In the spirit of spring we’ve rounded up seven spaces ideal for celebrating spring. And guess what? They’re all on the market, so one of these spaces could become yours!

7 Spaces to Celebrate Spring^3441 University Blvd., University Park

7 Spaces to Celebrate Spring^498 Ferguson Road, Whitesboro

7 Spaces to Celebrate Spring^8643 Groveland Drive, Dallas

7 Spaces to Celebrate Spring^905 Tranquility Drive, Fairview

7 Spaces to Celebrate Spring^3809 Long Meadow Drive, Flower Mound

7 Spaces to Celebrate Spring^4551 Ashford Drive, Dallas

7 Spaces to Celebrate Spring

^10233 Drop Tine Court, Fort Worth

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