5 Easy Ways to a Greener Home




In celebration of Earth Day, we’re taking a look at the many ways you can go green at home. Below are five that will make a difference for our environment and lower your bills.


* Upgrade outdated appliances: 18% of a typical home’s energy bill can be attributed to appliances. Replace older models with Energy Star appliances and you’ll use 10 to 15% less energy and water.


* Monitor your temperature: Nearly half of a home’s energy usage goes toward heating and cooling. To cut consumption, keep filters clean, consider a new/more efficient furnace, use ceiling fans, and adjust thermostats while you’re away.


* Save Water: Put an aerator on faucets and install low-flow toilets to cut water consumption by half.


* Buy greener cleaners: There’s an abundance of green cleaning products these days, so there’s no need to clean with products that are toxic to the environment.


* Switch out bulbs: The upfront cost is higher, but replacing light bulbs with more efficient models will save you money. CFL bulbs use 66% less energy and last 10 times longer than standard bulbs.


Happy Earth Day everyone!