12 Homes of Christmas: A 12-Stall Barn

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This holiday season, we’re giving a nod to our favorite Christmas carol by sharing 12 delightful days of Christmas home ideas perfect for that special someone.
As the tune goes …
On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me: a 12-stall barn.
986 Chapperal Road is a horse owner’s dream home with its wide, open spaces and 12-stall, cement-block barn. Situated on 4.99 acres in Whitesboro, the updated brick residence features an abundance of beautiful trees, two entrances and three pastures. Bring your horses and enjoy!
Must-know details:
• Priced at $649,500
• 2,198 square feet
• 4 bedrooms
• 2.1 baths
To view this listing on Ebby.com, click here. Contact Patty Campbell at 903-814-7867 or pattycampbell@ebby.com.

Get Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

Colder days are here to stay and it’s time to get your fireplace roaring again. Before you fill your home with the warmth and smell of a cracking fire, though, there are some precautions you should take.


1. Check the Chimney: Have you called a chimney sweep recently? Experts recommend you have your chimney cleaned once a year. A fireplace is only as good as its chimney, so make sure you have it cleaned and inspect the exterior structure to make sure there are no obvious issues there as well.


2. Open the Flue: Ever started a fire and had the room fill with smoke? If you’re new to fireplaces, you may not realize that this happens when the flue is closed. Many people close them in order to keep out small animals when their fireplaces aren’t in use. Simply look up and reach for a chain or lever to open it back up.


3. Vacuum: A quick vacuuming of the flue, smoke shelf, and the surrounding hearth is the last step to preparing for fabulous fires for many months to come.


If you’re about to be without a fireplace in the upcoming winter months, we have plenty of homes that could have you curling up by the fire in no time!


Get Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^6313 Biltmore Lane, McKinneyGet Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^6650 Aintree Circle, DallasGet Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^3923 Ridgecrest Drive, Flower MoundGet Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^2108 Grayson Road, McKinneyGet Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^1258 CR 132, Whitesboro

Get Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^4508 Oxbow Drive, McKinneyGet Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^9034 Maple Glen Drive, Dallas
Get Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^1229 Homer Johnson Lane, GarlandGet Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^2108 Meridian Way, RichardsonGet Your Fireplace Ready For Winter

^1027 Countryside Drive, Cedar Hill 

What $750k Gets You in DFW

We’re always interested to see what you can get for the money in different areas around D-FW. So, today we’re exploring five homes that can all be yours for $750,000.


Whether you’re in the market or just curious, here are five amazing choices that meet the budget in Bent Tree, Plano, Irving, Prosper and Whitesboro. Click any of the collages below for a full tour!

What $750k Gets You in DFW^$750,000: 5405 Bent Tree Drive, Dallas

What $750k Gets You in DFW^$750,000: 3104 Royal Ashdown Court, Plano

What $750k Gets You in DFW^$730,000: 122 Santa Rosa Way, Irving

What $750k Gets You in DFW^$729,000: 2941 Lakeview Drive, Prosper

What $750k Gets You in DFW^$725,000: 11120 FM 678, Whitesboro


To see more homes listed below $750,000, click here. For any other price range, simply search here.


14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you’re selling now, planning to sell in the future, or just want peace of mind, there are always things you can do to improve the value of your home.


Check out this list of 15 items that will attract buyers and make the place you call home that much more special.

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Home Office: Technology has made it possible for more and more people to work out of their homes. By updating your home office or designating a space to a new one, you show your homes full potential.

(Pictured: 9226 Hathaway St., Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Master Suite: A master bedroom with its own bathroom has become an expected amenity these days. If you don’t have one, try to find the budget and space to create a master suite. If you do, focus on amplifying storage space.

(Pictured: 3210 Carlisle St. 51H, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Family Room: Everyone’s looking for a comfortable, open space to fill with family and friends. Make sure your room looks this way by drawing attention to windows and natural light. A fireplace is almost always a plus.

(Pictured: 9029 Broken Arrow Lane, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Kitchen: This space can make or break your home. As long as you stay reasonable with materials and design, you’re going to get your money back and then some on a kitchen remodel.

(Pictured: 6601 La Cosa Drive, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Bathroom: Have you ever heard of a home having too many bathrooms? How about too few? If your home has fewer bathrooms than bedrooms or no bathroom on the main floor, think about adding another full or half-bath. Additionally, if you have an old, dingy bathroom, consider an update that is simple and clean.

(Pictured: 5418 Deer Brook Road, Garland)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Windows: Did you know that, on average, 30% of your home’s energy is lost through its windows? If your windows are in bad shape or you’re looking to impress buyers, upgrade to energy efficient windows that will last and save the future owners money for years to come.

(Pictured: 9836 Gooding Drive, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Basement: Though it’s not the most common feature in DFW, a basement can add a major value to your home. If the ceilings aren’t too low a basement can be the ideal space for an office, playroom, media room, or spare bedroom.

(Pictured: 12541 Renoir Lane, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Deck: Outdoor space is at a premium these days. On average, the addition of a deck brings a 76% return on investment. Typically, they’re not too expensive to build and they create an entirely new living space.

(Pictured: 11120 FM 678, Whitesboro)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Landscaping: An overgrown and poorly maintained yard isn’t appealing to anyone. Liven things up with some color, height, and possibly a designated seating and/or entertaining space.

(Pictured: 3612 Villanova St., University Park)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Paint: A few coats of paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to update your home. If you’re selling, keep things light and neutral so that buyers can easily image their things in your space.

(Pictured: 1314 Cardinal Creek Drive, Duncanville)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Flexibility: Your house is yours to make your own, but if you think you may sell in the future try not to over-customize. Again, buyers need to be able to see themselves and their things working in your home, so try not to pigeonhole your spaces.

(Pictured: 9629 Whitehurst Drive, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Blending: When adding an addition, choose materials that blend well with the existing house. Carry over design elements from the original house in order to create a flawless transition.

(Pictured: 9610 El Patio Drive, Dallas)

14 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

^Exterior: Though we’ve been told to do otherwise, people do judge homes based on curb appeal and first impressions. Put the best foot forward by sprucing up your home’s roof, exterior paint, siding, and garage doors.

(Pictured: 5715 Wortham Lane, Dallas)