Special Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Holiday Guests


The holiday season is just beginning, and that means there’s a good chance you might be hosting family or friends. Here are some quick tips that will make your guests feel extra special during their stay.


1. Cheat sheet

Create a home cheat sheet that provides your guests with the Wifi code, instructions to turn on the television, garage code, and anything else they may need. Be sure to include your address, landline number, and any emergency contact information.


2. Spare samples
Have tons of hotel freebies and sample products lying around the house? Put them all in a jar in the guest bathroom. Your guests will like the availability of extra products, especially if they may have forgotten something.


3. Flower power

Placing fresh flowers or plants in the guest room adds brightness and freshness that anyone will appreciate. Bonus points if your foliage is festive!


4. Cozy essentials

To create the ultimate retreat for your guests, put a basket in the corner with items that will make them extra comfortable. Think soft throw blankets, magazines, bottled water, snacks, and a reading light.


5. Freshen up

Make sure to leave extra towels and washcloths in the bathroom so guests can always use dry ones. An extra toothbrush is always a nice touch too.


6. Sense of smell

Adding a candle or diffuser to the guest suite is always a good idea. Be careful, however – not all guests love the smell of warm vanilla. It’s best to steer clear and find neutral scents – think fresh linen or the like. If you’re feeling extra fresh, a small bottle of room or linen spray is a great addition to the room.