Dallas Arts District: Unrivaled Design

Dallas Arts District: Unrivaled Design

 Winspear Opera House

New York has the nation’s tallest skyscraper. Chicago has some fancy buildings. But one city wins when it comes to sheer density of urban design: Dallas. That’s the conclusion of Kriston Capps, who writes about housing, architecture, design, and other factors that shape cities for CityLab.


Six different Pritzker Prize-winning architects have designed signature buildings in the Dallas Arts District, all within an area that’s smaller than a square mile. All of the designers have won other prestigious awards, including Japan’s Praemium Imperiale, the American Institute of Architects’ Gold Medal, and the Royal Institute of British Architects’ Gold Medal. Dallas’ superior six includes one architect who’s been knighted by France, one who’s been knighted by England, and one who’s been named a senator for life in Italy.


Dallas Arts District: Unrivaled Design

 Wyly Theatre

Dallas Arts District: Unrivaled Design

Nasher Sculpture Center

Dallas Arts District: Unrivaled Design

Meyerson Symphony Center

Dallas Arts District: Unrivaled Design

Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Dallas Arts District: Unrivaled Design

Thanksgiving Square


No other geographic area in the nation this small features as much architecture by architects who have received the top honors in their fields.


For sheer density of great design in a single destination? Head to Dallas.



Photos: Andreas Praefcke/Wikimedia Commons, ThisIsPockets/Flickr, TexasBackRoads/Flickr, Eager/Flickr, ThornMonkey/Flickr, RadicalBender/Wikimedia Commons


New Cities Summit Arrives in Dallas



The New Cities Summit, opening today in Dallas, promises to bring Dallas global attention. Approximately 800 participants from 40 countries are attending what organizers call “the leading global event on the future of the urban world” at the Winspear Opera House.


This is the group’s third annual meeting and the first in North America. The first summit was in Paris, the second in Sao Paolo, Brazil.


The summit, which draws heavily from the academic and entrepreneurial world, tends to be intensely policy-oriented as participants delve into such issues as transportation, education, finance, cultural amenities and the environment. The New Cities Summit will also emphasize social media, including a contest — judged in real time — for the best urban app.


To learn more about The New Cities Summit, taking place today through June 19, click here.